50 images of the revamped classic

50 images of the revamped classic

50 images of the revamped classic

Giordana Serrano

There are haircuts that are timeless, as is the case with darling chanel. However, to get out of the ordinary and innovate a little, it’s worth revamping the classic. That’s where the chopped chanel haircut comes into play. With a more modern feel, it is versatile and matches the most varied styles.

In addition to all that, this is a great option for those looking for practicality, not to mention that this cut gives more lightness and movement to the locks. Are you curious and want to check out some inspirations? So take a look at the images below:

50 pics of chopped chanel haircut to rock the look

The peaked chanel haircut can be short or longer. Also, there are several ways to prick the hairs, so it can suit a variety of face shapes. See some inspirations:

1. This is a kind of cut that makes the look more stripped

Fiorella Matteis

2. But it can also be very delicate

Lucy Hale

3. The chanel haircut with bangs is beautiful


4. And it can be a great alternative to innovate in hair

Chloe Miles

5. Look at this inspiration

Jenn Im

6. There is also the chanel haircut with peaked beak

Natalia Tissiani Calderón

7. You can wear the messiest hair

Micah Gianneli

8. To get a relaxed look

Giovanna Antonelli

9. As in this inspiration

Aimee Song

10. Or opt for a more romantic feel

Tashi Rodriguez

11. Colored hair also matches the chopped chanel cut

Gabi Lisbon

12. As well as barrettes

Jenn Im

13. The cut is also a killer on wavy hair

Savannah Rachelle

14. Be it with lights


15. Or natural

Jessica Allain

16. How about betting on a curly chopped chanel haircut?

Camilla Santana

17. Because it also looks pretty bulky

Nathalia Alves

18. Even if it’s longer


19. It’s also worth betting on a messy version

Lucy Hale

20. This is a versatile cut

Fiorella Matteis

21. That matches the most varied styles

22. It can be short

Grace Heffron

23. Or also longer

Vanessa Lamark

24. There are options for all tastes

Rianne Meijer

25. Even in the shortest version, it can be very feminine

Taylor Lashae

26. Just like the chanel haircut at the nape of the neck

Natalia Tissiani Calderón

27. Your versatility is always in fashion

Carolina Rocha

28. Not to mention that this is a very practical cut

Carla Lemos

29. As the length is not long

Savannah Rachelle

30. The work to take care of the threads is not that big


31. The chanel haircut peaked on the front creates lightness to the strands

Savannah Rachelle

32. And creates movement for the locks

Fernanda Paes Leme

33. Not to mention that it looks beautiful in streaked hair

jade seba

34. There is also the chopped curly chanel haircut.


35. Which is also a killer in colored threads


36. The peaked chanel haircut has a more modern feel

Babi Sampaio

37. This can make your look more stylish

Karol Queiroz

38. Without having to make a lot of effort

jade seba

39. Options abound for you to choose

Olivia Caridi

40. And so enjoy all its beauty

Fernanda Lima

41. Which can be just a pecking at the ends

Mary Cake

42. Or even a nosepiece

Parties / Danielle Carvalho

43. For those who don’t want their hair so short

Julianne Hough

44. You can also invest in a longer chain

Lucy Hale

45. That way you can also enjoy the versatility of cutting

Fernanda Paes Leme

46. ​​Without having to take out too much of the length of the wires

Giovanna Ewbank

47. What really counts is finding an option that suits you

Karol Queiroz

48. For you to be a killer with the cut

Julia Lira

49. And the best part is that it looks beautiful on mature women

Susie Lang

50. And also in the younger ones

Hiane Luiza

How to make a chopped chanel haircut

Are you interested in this type of haircut and want to reproduce it at home? Whether alone or with the help of another person, the task will be easier after checking out the tips in the videos below. Check it out:

Cutting chopped chanel hair alone

Have you ever thought about getting this haircut without anyone’s help? In this video, you can see the step-by-step instructions for making the cut yourself. To do this, all you need to do is have a pair of scissors, a comb and some hair clips on hand. Check out all the tips.

Chanel haircut with peaked ends

In this video it is possible to check all the steps to cut the hair, which starts with dividing the strands, then reducing the length and, finally, with the peaked ends. All of this in a well-explained way, which makes for easy reproduction at home.

See how it’s possible to get a chanel haircut without having to go to the hairdresser? If you really decide to do this at home, you need to be patient and be prepared for the cut not to go exactly as planned, ok?

With so many beautiful options, it makes you want to run and cut the threads, isn’t it? As you can see, this is a versatile cut type that goes well with the most varied styles. In case you still have questions, you can check out some beaked chanel inspirations to compare.

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