50 Christmas phrases for loving friends (THE MOST BEAUTIFUL!)

50 Christmas phrases for loving friends (THE MOST BEAUTIFUL!)

50 Christmas phrases for loving friends (THE MOST BEAUTIFUL!)


Christmas is a time of renewal, of bringing together the people you love, celebrating the past year and hoping for the best for the new year to come. So that you can celebrate and spread the Christmas spirit around, we’ve made a selection of beautiful Christmas phrases for friends. Check it out and share!

1. Dear friend, may your heart be clothed with the purity and hope of Christmas. – Mariana Gil

two. May the birth of Christ inspire you to always be reborn. Merry Christmas! – Mariana Gil

3. Christmas is a time to celebrate life, spread love and sow hope. Have a happy Christmas!

4. May your Christmas be enjoyed with great joy!

5. May this Christmas be a source of light, faith and prosperity in your life! – Mariana Gil

6. Merry Christmas, dear friend. Never forget the true purpose of this all-important party: to spread love and peace. – Mariana Gil

7. Spending Christmas with you is the best gift Santa Claus could give me. I love you, dear friend!

8. Faith makes everything possible. Merry Christmas!

9. May the magic of Christmas turn everything into love. Happy Holidays, friends!

10. May love be the foundation of everything in your life. Merry Christmas, dear friend!

11. A Merry Christmas to all my friends who spent the intense days of this year that is ending with me. – Mariana Gil

12. I wish you a Christmas full of love, reunions and smiles. You are very special to me! – Mariana Gil

13. Be inspired by the magic of Christmas and spread love wherever you go! Merry Christmas, friend.

14. I hope your Christmas is light, happy and that you are surrounded by those you love. A big hug from your friend! – Mariana Gil

15. May health, peace and love come together to celebrate this magical date. Merry Christmas!

16. May this Christmas be more than a simple date, but may it be a time for meeting and sharing love. – Mariana Gil

17. Merry Christmas, friends. That on this special date we can be satiated not only with supper, but also with love and happiness. – Mariana Gil

18. Merry Christmas to you, my dear friends, who always warm my heart and brighten my life. – Mariana Gil

19. The greatest gift is being present. May you be a present for those you love the most this Christmas.

20. May the baby Jesus in his manger teach you the value of love and humility. Merry Christmas, dear friend! – Mariana Gil

21. May all the good feelings that Christmas brings fill your heart!

22. May this good feeling of faith and hope of Christmas be an inspiration for the whole year. A big hug!

23. That this Christmas you can kill the longing for those who are far away and relive the flame of love in your heart. – Mariana Gil

24. It’s great to spend this magical time by your side. Merry Christmas, dear friend!

25. May the Christmas spirit be a fuel for you to forget about past difficulties and have the strength to start the new year. Merry Christmas!

26. To my dear friends, I wish that you are always surrounded by peace and love, and that you have a blessed Christmas.

27. No matter what your beliefs, I’m sure Christmas will bring a lot of hope and love to your heart. – Mariana Gil

28. Merry Christmas, friend. May God always bless you and your family.

29. Christmas is a time of joy, sharing and brotherhood. Happy Holidays!

30. May you always remember the true meaning of Christmas: the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus. May God bless your Christmas and every day of your New Year.

31. May all your dreams come true on this and all the Christmases to come. A big hug and a merry Christmas!

32. May the magic of Christmas make a home in your heart and in the hearts of everyone in your family!

33. May all bad feelings be erased through the magic of Christmas. Happy Holidays!

34. The Christmas spirit is not inside boxes with bows, but in the heart of each one of us. Merry Christmas!

35. Merry Christmas, friend. May God revive the faith within your heart and fill your life with prosperity and love.

36. In this time of miracles, I wish my friends a Christmas full of light and magical moments.

37. I wish your Christmas to be bright with joy and illuminated with love, peace and harmony. Happy Holidays!

38. Understanding the true meaning of Christmas is experiencing the birth of the Savior every day of our lives. Happy Holidays!

39. May the magic of Christmas break all the barriers that prevent us from living the immense love of God. Happy Holidays! – Mariana Gil

40. May the magic of Christmas Eve make your dreams come true and give you strength to start a new life!

41. I wish you a Christmas full of magic, happiness, companionship and smiles. You deserve all the best!

42. Love is the best gift to give to those we love. Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

43. Merry Christmas! May you enjoy this time with joy, optimism and with your loved ones.

44. May the baby Jesus illuminate Christmas with the hope of better days and special moments in your life.

45. May the love of Christ renew our beliefs and bless our lives with better, faith-driven days. Merry Christmas!

46. May this Christmas be more than a party, may it be a celebration of a new beginning full of peace and love. Merry Christmas!

47. The best Christmas gift I ever got: you. I love you so much, dear friend. Merry Christmas!

48. I thank you every day for your friendship making my life an eternal Christmas magic.

49. May the magic of Christmas be eternal inside your heart. A big hug!

50. May you enjoy every moment this Christmas with immense joy and may a bond of peace, friendship and love be formed.

Bonus: +5 Christmas phrases

1. In this time full of magic, light and color, I hope your heart is filled with joy and love. Merry Christmas!

two. Merry Christmas! May you enjoy this date with peace in your heart and hope for better days.

3. May our words, feelings and actions be inspired by good, love and peace. Merry Christmas, friends!

4. I wish your Christmas to be magical and fill your heart with hope for the New Year!

5. May love be present in our Christmas dinner and keep it alive and strong throughout our lives.

How about giving your friends a gift on that special date? With simplicity and a lot of creativity, you can make beautiful special Christmas party favors to distribute. Check it out and get inspired!

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