5 haircut simulator sites to try out a new look

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5 haircut simulator sites to try out a new look

We often want to give the look a facelift and we don’t know if it will look good, and for that reason, we always take a back seat. Thanks to the internet and the advancement of technology, the fear of changing the look can be in the past, as websites and applications that make a haircut simulation.

On these websites and apps, you can use a photo of yourself that shows off your face well to try out different hairstyles. So, you can see how each type of cut will look and which will suit you best. Right after choosing a cut, you’ll have less chance of making mistakes and thus change your look without fear.

First, see the simulators online, without the need to download an app on your mobile.

The American version of Marie Claire’s website has a haircut and makeup simulator. For this, you can upload a photo on the website, it can be new or old, the important thing is that you are facing it like a 3×4 photo, so that the effect is better. And there, select the cuts that you like best. The site is free and requires no registration. You can use clicking here.

Virtual Makeover – StyleCaster

Another American site for you to test. This time, the cuts are based on the best looks of celebrities, so you choose which cut you like best or your favorite artist. On this site, in addition to testing new haircuts, you’ll be able to test hair color, so you can see what a very radical change, cut and color, will look like. you can test clicking here.

Virtual Hairstyler

Another option for those who want to simulate haircuts. This gringo site has the widest variety of haircuts, that is, more options for you to try. Just upload your photo on the website and start testing all the variations of cuts and choose which option is best for you. test the cuts by clicking here.

Beauty simulator – Vila Mulher

Finally, a Brazilian website for you to simulate haircuts and choose a new look. On this site, you can upload a photo from your computer or link to your photo if it’s only on Instagram. And so go testing. On the website, there are some recommendations to follow, such as a quality photo and hair tied up to make the result look better. you can test clicking here.

haircut simulator 1Haircut simulator (Photo: Reproduction/Pajaris)

What is the best haircut simulator app?

Now that you’ve seen the sites, discover the best apps to simulate your new look.

Mary Kay Virtual Makeover

One of the most popular makeup brands has an app for you to try out new looks. Just download the app, follow the instructions, upload a quality photo of yourself and start testing all the cuts you have within the app. The app is for both IOS and Android.

Style My Hair – L’Oréal

Another app created by a beauty brand for you to try out new looks. To test which cut will look best on you, and thus decide whether to redesign your look, download the app on your cell phone and have fun testing the new look possibilities. The app is for IOS and Android.

Try the Hairstyle – Hairstyles and Cuts

An application entirely in Portuguese for you to choose a new haircut. In addition to choosing which cut you like best, if you are looking for a hairstyle for a party, in this app you’ll also be able to choose. Like the previous ones, the app is available for Android and IOS.

Hair Zapp

Another app to simulate haircuts. In this app, in addition to testing countless haircuts, you’ll be able to see the before and after, so you can check if that haircut is really matching you and pass the scissors without fear. The app is for IOS and Android.

Face App

A well-known app and rocked in 2020 changing sex people. In addition to this fun game, the application also simulates haircuts. So if you want to revamp the look and you’re right, download the app first to try it out and make sure you want to pick a new cut. Other options is to put a beard and hairstyle. The app is for IOS and Android.

haircut simulatorHaircut simulator (Photo: Reproduction/Pajaris)

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