5 Essential Marketing Tips for Store Opening

Guide to driving sales

5 Essential Marketing Tips for Store Opening

After a long time of planning, the long-awaited moment for the entrepreneur arrives: the opening of the store. If you are in this phase of the business, or you are in the planning stage, but you are already looking for tips to have the best possible store opening. He is certainly already preparing a lot to open his own establishment. It is essential that this preparation includes market studies, research, stocking, hiring suppliers and defining your product mix.

This is a long path, carried out in many stages, although planning is only one of the stages, it is also necessary to be aware of some other actions that will make the store known to the public: the marketing strategies. They are responsible for making the enterprise known, prospecting customers and also for maintaining your relationship with them. In other words, they are closely linked to the success of the new business, not just at the beginning, but throughout your journey as an entrepreneur.

To help you with this very essential issue that is the opening of your store, we’ve put together some marketing tips that should be organized before it actually happens. Want to check it out? So follow up below!

The initial steps before a store opening

1. Have a defined visual identity

The visual identity is essential for you to create a brand that is remembered by the customer, it is also the first step towards standardizing your space., and should be aligned with the essence of the company.

After creating the identity, it is important that it is applied at the point of sale in an attractive and assertive way. It’s the visual identity that will help you define the colors that should predominate in your store’s environment, and also how it will be decorated to convey the essence of the brand.

It also helps you to create a more harmonious environment and give your store a unique face, making it easier for the customer to identify and differentiate. Many stores even create an olfactory identity and their own playlist thinking about the audience they want to reach, in order to further humanize the brand and the point of sale.

Guide to driving sales

2. Make announcements for business launch

As with the visual identity, launch announcements must also be planned and produced before a store opening. In advance, evaluate how you are going to communicate the opening of the business – for example, folders, banners, banners or other advertisements can be made. The ideal is to hire a communication agency to produce these materials in a more professional way, already standardizing them according to the visual identity.

In addition to physical materials, it is essential to invest in social media — in general, before creating paid ads on social media, it is important to create dissemination and organic engagement strategies on social media. It’s not enough just to create a profile and not post anything until the opening day. Instigating curiosity can be a great way to start the disclosure of your new store.

In terms of paid ads, social networks in general have a lower production and delivery cost than other forms of advertising and allow for better audience segmentation: you can show your ad only to audiences that have more to do with yours. store — for example, women aged 20 to 40 who reside in a particular city.

In these disclosures, it is also more appropriate to rely on specialized agencies or professionals. So your brand will always be professional in communicating with customers.

3. Organize the opening event

Organize the store opening eventTo introduce your store, schedule a launch event. This is a special way to get to know and please your customers and of course show them your store. Think of a date that does not coincide with holidays or other events that might also be of interest to your target audience.

Then evaluate, depending on your target audience, the opening may have a guest list, or not. Once you’ve settled this question, don’t forget to let the audience know about it. If your event is closed and even so a customer has not confirmed their presence, receive it in the same way.

Don’t forget any details, think about whether you’ll serve snacks, what the limit of people will be, whether there will be any special discount actions. At this stage, it is important to set up a schedule with the schedule and provide the appropriate decoration for the occasion. Remember to include the call to the event in the channels and promotional materials you are going to use.

The most important thing when planning the store opening event is that it it must be aligned with the essence of your company and your target audience.. For example, if you sell health and wellness items, consider a lighter and healthier cocktail, with juices and whole foods. The opening event will be the first contact with your brand for many customers, so it’s important to make a good impression right from the start.

4. Think about special promotions

It is natural for customers to look for promotions. The launch is no different, in addition to getting to know the new store, consumers will be looking for promotions. Depending on your niche and audience, this can be a very effective strategy for store openings.

If you intend to do a promotion at the launch, choose products that you believe will be well accepted in the market and apply an attractive discount on them. You can opt for healthy discount modalities, such as progressive discounts, which encourage the purchase of a greater number of products. Or, encourage repurchase, with coupons or discounts for a second purchase at the store.

Of course, you should apply these discounts based on your business planning, as a promotion cannot affect the profit and operation of the business right from the start. Also, don’t forget to publicize this action: as you will with the opening event, inform about promotions in all promotional materials and channels – pamphlets, banners and social networks.

5. Invest in customer loyalty

The first point is to be in person on the opening day. To develop a good relationship with customers, being present helps create a bond of empathy with the public. In addition, of course, to being able to coordinate the event closely. So receive and serve your customers with enthusiasm and courtesy, seeking to understand a little more about what they like, the products they are looking for, what kind of events and promotions they would like to participate in, etc.

The next step is to collect information from your first customers and visitors for further disclosure. This is because it is not enough to have good marketing actions just for store openings. For a company to continue to gain customers in such a competitive market, it is necessary Invest in constantly creating a relationship with your customers..

It is important that, when collecting this data, they agree to receive communications from the company. Thus, you will be able to create a network of contacts with customers through quick surveys at the establishment, with messages via WhatsApp, SMS, sending emails and even with forms made from the installment plan or linked to some promotion.

At first, collect information such as:

  • name and address;
  • sex;
  • Phone for contact;
  • products of preference;
  • email and social media.

With this data, you can create personalized actions for a specific group of customers and distribute them throughout the year, or even take advantage of seasonal and festive dates, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day for more contacts and promotions.

If you do not have the knowledge or aptitude to deal with such strategies, it is always advisable to hire a marketing company with experience in the market. In addition to transmitting credibility, you will guarantee high-level campaigns with satisfactory results.

Quality management: invest in technologies to manage your store well

There can be no better marketing for a business than having it run well. To carry out promotions or other dissemination actions, for example, it is necessary to have all the financial and operational parts working efficiently. Thus, controlling stock, organizing the replacement of goods, knowing dates and amounts on sales (and purchases) in installments, keeping the customer record up to date, having agility in service is also linked to marketing. After all, all of this will reflect on sales.

One way to make this administrative routine much easier is the use of good store management software. The tool will digitize your processes, helping to input and control data and business operations. These systems are essential for any business that seeks to innovate and differentiate itself in the market.

As we have seen, the opening of the store is one of the most important moments for a project to be successful. Exactly for this reason, it must be carefully planned to present to its target audience all the differentiators of the business. If you follow these tips, you will already be one step ahead of the competition!

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