3 haircuts to add volume to curls: see inspirations for curly and frizzy strands

3 haircuts to add volume to curls: see inspirations for curly and frizzy strands

Owners with curly and frizzy hair love a lot of volume and definition for their curls. But it’s not always easy to achieve this effect – especially for women who have fine hair. Therefore, the haircut can be essential to ensure a little more volume for the locks.

If you have one of these types of hair and don’t know how to cut it to add extra volume to your curls, we can help you. We separate 3 haircuts tips for curly and frizzy hair and – as a bonus – we have some ways to finish the strands to leave them very voluminous. Come check it out and get inspired.

Layering helps to increase volume

It’s no secret that layered cuts help add volume to your hair. For those with fine curly or frizzy threads, this style helps even more to add volume, enhancing the curls.

And the best part is that this type of cut can be used on hair of any length. Whether in very short or super long locks, the layers help to increase the volume throughout the hair. Also, the more layers you make, the bulkier the result.

Heart-shaped cut also helps add volume

The heart-shaped cut is a modern and very stylish style for women who want to add more volume to their curly and frizzy hair. The name comes from the shape of the cut – which really looks like a heart, with more volume at the top and less at the ends. The key is to make a cut that is more rounded at the top.

That way, you get maximum volume at the top of your head and layer along the length of the strands. In this way, the top gains more volume, but without leaving the edges thin.

Coconut cut gives volume from the top of the strands

If you like a lot of volume in your curly hair and aren’t afraid to layer, the coconut cut can be the perfect choice to enhance your curls. The style, which uses layers from the top of the locks, is ideal for curly or frizzy ones that have fine strands and want to add volume.

To make this type of cut is simple: just work out the layers along the entire length of the strands. But there’s a secret: the ends must be made at a 45-degree angle, which creates the effect that gives the cut its name.

Learn how to finish your hair to ensure volume

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