21 redneck look ideas for the June party

redneck look ideas for the June party

21 redneck look ideas for the June party

Are you in doubt on how to put together a rustic look for the June party with a fashionista touch so that you don’t have any faults?

Then you’ll love checking out the 21 ideas we’ve listed below that include more literal country party options, more creative, sensual and stylish looks.

There’s something for everyone – even for those who don’t like chess even at this time of year.

Use your creativity, pieces you already have in your closet and those mines that don’t weigh on your budget to be the most beautiful redneck around the campfire.

Ready to start planning the perfect outfit to stand out?

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Top 21 redneck look ideas for the June party

redneck look ideas for the June party

1 – Checkered dress looks

This tip is perfect for those who like to reuse pieces from the June look on other occasions.

Choose a dress with a checkered print (take advantage that this pattern is on the rise in trends) and complement the look with a hat (the straw ones are ideal for getting in the mood) and the typical make up with spots on the cheeks.

Evase dresses work well for square dancing.

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2 – Look with country dress

Look with redneck dress

If you want to totally get into the rustic mood, but still remain a fashionista, we recommend looking for a seamstress who can produce a custom dress or give that ‘mind’ in theme stores.

It’s not because it’s a June party dress that can’t be pretty and sexy in measure.

This model in the image (above) is distinguished by the detail with tulle and lace on the back.

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3 – Cool look with a plaid shirt

Cool look with plaid shirt

A look for a June party does not need to be literal, in the case of more relaxed parties it is possible to have only one element referring to the universe of São João, in this case the plaid shirt.

You can ‘borrow’ a flannel shirt from your boyfriend by creating a looser, longer overlay for dresses, skirts or shorts.

Another cool way to wear this piece is choosing a waisted female modeling, short shorts and short skirt are really nice.

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4 – Floral + plaid

Floral look with plaid

The combination of these two prints results in a very cool and stylish rustic look for a June party.

The mix can be created from blouse + skirt, dress + plaid shirt overlay, printed jeans + shirt, among many others.

The coolest thing is that if you take the pigtails out of your hair and erase the dots from your makeup, you’re ready to go for a walk in the mall or go to a bar. Right fashionista production!

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5 – Plaid shirt + black leather pants

Checkered shirt + black leather pants

If you want to make the rock country lineup, you’ll love this plaid shirt and black leather skinny pants combo.

Following a modern cowgirl line, it’s possible to combine the look with a hat (if you have one of those from a pawn party, it’s even cooler), another possibility is to be more fashionista wearing a fully closed shirt and a tight hairstyle.

There is also space for a casual look with a t-shirt and an overlay with the shirt.

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6 – Look plaid shirt + jeans

Look plaid shirt + jeans

A rustic look for the June party, ideal for those who want to make the most of it, as it is one of the most comfortable on this list.

Another interesting point is that it is an extremely versatile combination since there is a multitude of pants options ranging from ripped to dark wash.

A type of look that can be improvised with what you have in your closet.

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7 – Look with midi skirt

Look with midi skirt

One more super-fashionist tip and eyeing the trends of the moment, a plaid midi skirt with a basic t-shirt or a plain midi skirt with a plaid shirt can form a standout look in arraiá.

This type of skirt allows you to have more peace of mind and works well on colder days.

To close the production well, it’s nice to do a themed hairstyle and make up.

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8 – Arraiá’s bride

Look of the bride of arraiá

For sure, the best moment of the country party is the wedding, so if in doubt, go dressed as a bride.

It’s not as difficult as it seems to put together an amazing look like this, for a start you need a white base dress.

With a little tulle or other fluid fabric create a mini-tail and a veil.

Details like flowers pinned to the dress are really nice.

Anyone who is adept at customization can put their talents to the test.

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9 – Long dress

Long dress for June party

Want to rock the June party?

So our tip is to choose a long plaid dress, take advantage of the Vichy print and other checkered patterns being on the rise and in the spotlight in stores, while mining you can even find an option in fast fashion stores that have cheaper prices.

This piece can remain in your closet for other occasions, just make other combinations.

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10 – Mix of prints without chess

Dress idea for a June party without wearing plaid

It is possible to create a rustic look for a June party without wearing plaid, to join in the fun it is worth mixing prints that do not speak to each other, the farther apart, the better the final result.

The secret to getting this production right is to combine pieces that are so dissonant that they end up harmonic as a whole.

A good tip is to choose pieces with very feminine modeling.

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11 – Shirt dress

Look for the June party with shirt dress

Choosing to wear a plaid dress with shirt modeling helps to leave the production with a sensational hipster touch.

If you want to stay more within the party dress code you can wear a straw hat and add some scraps of fabric (you can secure them using double-sided tape or pins, so you don’t ruin the dress).

The boldest rednecks can even wear a plaid shirt as a dress, the look will be shorter.

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12 – Look with long skirt

Junina party look with long skirt

In the Southeast and South, June festivals are usually accompanied by very low temperatures, requiring production focused on escaping the cold weather.

Long skirts are good options because they allow you to wear pantyhose or even pants under the look.

For the look to be more in line with the party in the country, prefer a skirt with a plaid print.

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13 – Overalls or denim overalls

Look with overalls or denim overalls

As ubiquitous as plaid, jeans may cease to be an obvious choice when appearing in the form of overalls or overalls.

Overlay it with a printed shirt or t-shirt and you’ll be ready to be the lady at the party.

Hat and boot give a little more of the country air so associated with this type of party.

To get even more in the mood use that patchwork trick from item 11.

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14 – Checkered set

Look with checkered set

Taking advantage of the fashionista vibe of the plaid sets, you can stand out with an amazing look in arraiá and have an option in the closet to take beautiful photos of street style.

Choosing pieces with a masculine style can be an interesting way for pieces to become timeless in your closet.

The more colorful the plaid, the better suited as a country party look.

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15 – Cropped top + tulle skirt

Junina party look with cropped top + tulle skirt

Another option for those who are thinking of creating their own look with a touch of fantasy.

For the skirt, just buy tulle and mount the volume with an elastic waistband.

If you don’t have the top, you can buy plaid fabric and take it to a seamstress to assemble the garment for you.

An option that fits in those parties where it’s important to be really dressed as a redneck.

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16 – Girlie dress

Junina party look with a girlie dress

Your rustic look for the June party can be made more feminine with a beautiful girlie dress.

Delicate pieces with floral prints remain in the closet for a long time and can become key pieces for this type of party.

Combine with a boot to get more in the mood of the day in the countryside.

The complements to this look can help make it more suitable.

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17 – Look with fringes, country inspiration

Look with fringes, country inspiration

The country universe can also serve as an inspiration to assemble your June production, in this case, bet on pieces with fringes.

Vests are really cool to create overlaps, however, you can also count on the fringes on boots, dresses and other types of pieces.

For a more ‘chic’ style look, we recommend betting on a composition with leather pants.

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18 – Earthy tones + jeans

Junina party look with earthy tones + jeans

A combo that always works to create June party looks is the earthy tones and jeans.

It can be a denim skirt with a caramel leather jacket, a brown dress with an overlay denim shirt, among other options.

This combination helps to get into the rural look mood, making it very interesting for those who don’t want to literally get into the rustic look.

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19 – Jeans + Jeans

total look jeans

For your June party productions to become even more interesting, it can be cool to bet on the mix of jeans and jeans.

It can be a shirt with skinny pants, a skirt with a denim shirt, boyfriend jeans with a denim tank top, among other options.

One way to make the country party more appropriate is to play with different proportions, oversized pieces (larger) are very interesting.

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20 – Look with furry vest

Look with furry vest

Another look that stands out in arraiá is the one with an overlay of furry vest, obviously the tip is to bet on fake pieces.

Plush pieces are increasingly appearing in street style photos, take a closer look at fast fashion stores.

You can wear the vest over a plaid shirt with jeans or a vest over a dress.

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21 – Look boho

look boho

The boho look can be really cool in a rustic look to enjoy a party in the country with a more modern style.

Over the knee boots are very welcome in these productions along with printed dresses or little overalls.

Leather vests and jackets help close the production with a flourish. Plaid and floral prints are the coolest for this type of event.

Did you like the tips on how to put together a rustic look for a June party?

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