17 Short wavy haircuts ⋆ Facing the Sea

Right in the Photo: 17 Short Wavy Haircuts

17 Short wavy haircuts ⋆ Facing the Sea

Right in the Photo: 17 Short Wavy HaircutsCuts for short wavy hair

Short hair is very practical. Even better if they are wavy, as they give movement to the cut naturally.

If your hair is the β€œsmart” type, take a look at these cuts for short wavy hair, because even if they are short you have good cut options.

hair with waves

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The short hair with waves gives a youthful look.

In addition, the waves with the shorter hair are charming and super fresh, it is certainly an excellent bet for warmer seasons.

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The peaked waves look beautiful and go great with the wavy hair.

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The more waves your hair has, the more balance and volume it will look.

Images: Southernliving, glowly

Short hair already has a lot of attitude and style.

However, if you want to be even more daring in the look, opt for cuts that have fringes.

The bangs, in addition to being beautiful, combine a lot with short hair, even those that are wavy.

It is possible to choose between a bangs on the forehead or a longer one with the hair.

Images: righthairstyles, naturally curly, Wigsis, femmeactuelle

If you are looking for a young, fresh and elegant cut then these examples of short wavy haircuts above are sure to please you.

More shine in hair with highlights, highlights or balayagem

To enhance even more the wavy strands and the cut, strands, balaiagem or lights, without a doubt, are even more beautiful!

Additionally the highlights, highlights or balayage will lighten the strands, as a result bringing more life to the hair.

Images: Hadviser, Pinterest

Either with lighter hair or just a few lighter streaks to lighten the look, it looks beautiful.

As a result it makes you look younger.

For sure, combining some of these short wavy haircuts with some lighter strands is the right option for those who want to give a rejuvenated look.

If you want to see more short, medium, long, straight or frizzy haircuts, click here and see the list of wonderful haircuts to get inspired.

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