140 Captions for Couple Photos. #119 is the most romantic, do you agree?

140 Captions for Couple Photos.  #119 is the most romantic, do you agree?

140 Captions for Couple Photos. #119 is the most romantic, do you agree?

140 Captions for Couple Photos.  #119 is the most romantic, do you agree?

There is something more wonderful than seeing a couple declare themselves in the networks social? This is the way to please your partner when the two of you live far away, to say thanks for the weekend or simply to remember how much you both love each other.

It was with this in mind that we selected great love captions for you to post photos as your partner on social media.

Be sure to declare your love for him or her, in addition to strengthen their relationship, you will also make him/her happier! Enjoy!

140 captions for couple photos

With a certain caption accompanied by wonderful Photos, you will have the right formula on how to declare your love for your partner on social media. Don’t waste any more time.


The right caption to accompany the best couple photos is here for you to use the way you want most. Celebrate love!

1 – Our love makes life worth living.

2 – When we are together, everything becomes poetry.

3 – Me, you and a lifetime to live.

4 – We are two different people, but we celebrate love in the same way.

5 – I love you for being who you are and even more for everything you make me feel.

6 – I would stop time and stay in your embrace for a lifetime, my love!

7 – Between us everything is love, truth, everything is music and harmony.

8 – When I say “I love you!” I speak the truth and when I feel your love I know the meaning of life.

9 – Nothing interests me more than my interest in you.

10 – love is not perfect, but its imperfections are what make it so special and perfect for us.

11 – Until the end, my love. You and me, together, until the world ends!

12 – I want to date, kiss you on the mouth and be happy by your side and make our love reach far, far in life.

13 – In life I look for nothing more than our well-being. Baby, I love you.

14 – I need you like this, always with me.

15 – I love you as I never thought I would love someone and every day I find new reasons for this feeling to increase.

16 – Last as long as it lasts, by your side I will always be

17 – In the book of my life you will always be the main character.

18 – I want you by my side forever, united by love.

19 – We fight and we are different, but for our love we will always be connected.

20 – The world stops to observe us, to witness our love closely.

21 – I will love you without any fear so that together we can build something unique and for life.

22 – I’m immensely happy by your side and that’s the only way I feel good about life


23 – May our love be for all eternity

24 – You are my lack of judgment

25 – I won’t let you go and I won’t change you for anything!

26 – Together we are one

27 – I love your every detail

28 – Our love is not normal, but our crazy things don’t hurt!

29 – We are different, but our connection is inexplicable

30 – Just today I’ve wanted you a million times…

31 – You don’t know a third of this love

32 – You are all my desires in one person

33 – My love for you is greater than any mountain and deeper than any point in the ocean.

34 – Whenever you smile, something in me trembles. I love you.

35 – Not a day will pass without me confessing all the love I feel.

36 – It was not for the ease, but for the strength, that our love prevailed.

37 – I may have little in life, but as long as I have you by my side, I will have everything I really need.

38 – Since the day I met you, I haven’t stopped smiling. I love you dearly!

39 – I swear I will always be by your side taking care of our love.

40 – The happiness of your heart will always be my first concern. I love you!

41 – This is how I feel at home: in the pleasant warmth of your embrace.

42 – Life is always beautiful when it is shared with those we love.


43 – You are the air I breathe, the water I drink and the food of my heart.

44 – Together, we have the world at our disposal. We will lack nothing, my love!

45 – I need you to complete what I lack. And that’s love.

46 – Sometimes love is in the last place we think to look.

47 – The salvation of our life was, is and always will be love.

48 – I love you so much that even when we fight I feel my heart bursting with passion!

49 – We may not listen to the same music or love the same poem, but we were born for each other.

50 – A heart in love is a happy heart and maybe that’s why mine is so smiling.

51 – At your side I am peace and joy, I am love and full harmony. I love you so much!

52 – There are two moments that I want to be with you always: now and always!

53 – My goal was you!

54 – If everything went right I’ll be with you, if everything goes wrong I’ll be with you

55 – Every time I look at you, I’m sure it just had to be with you

56 – And when everyone is gone, I’ll always be with you

57 – Time passes and my love for you only increases!

58 – With you next to me nothing matters anymore

59 – I take care of you, you take care of me

60 – Without you there is no rhyme in my song

61 – I’ve seen and heard many love stories, but none are as beautiful and passionate as ours.

62 – I don’t care about what people think, about the world or the solar system; I love you that’s it!

63 – I love you and I will prove that this love is true every day of my life!

64 – I have no problems at your side, everything turns into solutions and joys.


65 – Our love is not perfect nor do I want it to be, we just have to be together with our imperfections and I feel happy!

66 – With you I have a certainty: I am happy

67 – Do you know when we fight ugly? Even so I love you.

68 – You are the right choice, the reason for my life and the comfort of my days. I love you, my dear!

69 – Our love arrived unannounced, but I warn you since he will never be able to leave.

70 – I want to have you with me whispering sounds of love.

71 – After you, I only know how to smile!

72 – The best part of me.

73 – Peace and love is what I want for us.

74 – For us, all the love in the world!

75 – Love arrives like this without warning.

76 – I just need to live the rest of this life with you!

77 – I promise to tell you β€œI love you” every night and prove it to you every day!

78 – It wasn’t by chance that we chose each other from the crowd.

79 – Everything I look for, I find in you!

80 – There is love that was born to last a lifetime, like mine for you!

81 – I don’t want you for a day, a month or a year. I want you for life!

82 – Love is the perfect harmony between two hearts in love!

83 – It stays together like this, you and I together until the end!

84 – My greatest joy is knowing that I have you to love!

85 – If I hadn’t found you, I swear I was looking for you.

86 – Happiness is knowing that I have your love.

87 – I have never been so happy as when I am in your embrace!

88 – When the happiness of the other is your happiness, that is love!

89 – I never had a favorite color until I saw your eyes!

90 – You make my life happy!

91 – Your warmth snuggled everything in me.


92 – Nobody does me as well as you!

93 – You thing my heart.

94 – Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite!

95 – You are the first thought of my day.

96 – I won’t let you go, I won’t change you and I won’t lend you!

97 – It’s in his embrace that I feel good…

98 – Your smile is the most beautiful poetry that my eyes have ever read.

99 – Everything is more beautiful by your side!

100 – I promise to fall in love with you every day as if for the first time!

101 – I like your perfume…you smell like the love of my life!

102 – You are the exact measure of everything I once dreamed of for me.

103 – My heart found your love!

104 – You will always be my true love!

105 – You are that good thing in the middle of a lot of trouble!

106 – Of our love, we are the ones who know, little one…

107 – Honey, my place is in your lap, in the warmth of your room, in the immensity of your soul.

108 – God knew exactly what he was doing when he made me find you!

109 – Every smile you make, I feel like it’s mine!

110 – Nothing else, not anyone, except you…

111 – I do not need a thousand reasons to smile, you are enough.

112 – I learned that love is made of freedom. It’s like having other options every day, and still making the same choice.

113 – You appeared in my life and brought happiness!

114 – Without you I can do anything but be happy!


115 – There’s so much I want to live with you…

116 – Feeling real, pure and sincere!

117 – My world is small, just you and me!

118 – I love your way, your quirks, your smile.

119 – I take care of you, you take care of me and God will take care of us…

120 – I see in you what was missing in me!

121 – You realize you’ve found the right person, when you look into their eyes and see everything you need!

122 – Thank you for putting me to sleep smiling. I love you for that and for a thousand other things I haven’t told you yet!

123 – Marital status: completely happy at your side.

124 – Thank you for being you, for having me, for completing me and making me feel what words cannot translate!

125 – It was in your embrace that I comforted myself and that’s where I want to stay the rest of my life.

126 – Doing you well is what I most want! Take care of you, love you and make you feel that I can be your home!

127 – It’s only with you that I can be the best of me!

128 – I never fit as well as I fit you.


129 – I want to live all my dreams by your side!

130 – We overflow, complete.

131 – When your embrace welcomes me, I am sure that nothing in this world can hurt me!

132 – Lucky for me to have your world in mine!

133 – Simple as that: you complete me!

134 – Only one life is not enough for the love I have to give you.

135 – I find it delicious when you forget your eyes on mine or when your laugh mixes with mine.

136 – One day I found myself smiling for no reason and I realized I was thinking about you!

137 – When we’re together, I forget about everything else.

138 – I thank God every day for such a perfect gift!

139 – With you, the stomach butterflies never go away.

140 – This love is so much that it doesn’t fit in me!

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