14 Men’s Children’s Haircuts

Children's male haircut ideas

14 Men’s Children’s Haircuts

It’s hard to have ideas for men’s haircuts right? So today we are going to help you with lots of haircut ideas for boys!

Cutting hair is not always as easy a task as it sounds, even though they are childish male haircuts. First, because it’s a CHILDREN’S cut and just with this information we already have a lot to think about. First, of course, choose a trustworthy professional who has a “hands on” with the children, because it’s no use being a great professional and lacking in the quality of service with mini clients, as children need to be captivated and this is not for everyone , but the professionals who chose this field for work already have practice in unfolding with the little ones, but as with us adults, each one has its own way and taste, so choose a professional who gets along well with your little ones so that they feel comfortable and allow the professional to do their good work.

So what’s the cut going to be?! There are professionals who, when they look at the client, already do enough analysis to know what will be right for each one, which cut matches the shape of the face, which cut doesn’t match, etc. sometimes we arrive at the hairdresser’s with an idea in mind already ready, but we soon discover that it won’t look good on our son, and this is one of the reasons we choose a good professional, because they don’t do what “we want ” but what will look good on us, and the same when it comes to our children, we can idealize a haircut, but only a good professional will say if this ideal is real or not.

Let’s get to know some haircuts that are possibilities, and can be presented to the hairdresser, without fear or guilt, it’s always good to be aware of trends and looks that are on the rise.

See the male children’s haircut styles for each hair type:


One option for curly hair is the mohawk, the cut consists of shaved the sides and back of the hair and a central part is kept, as if it were a band passing through the center of the head, the highlight is for the band in the middle of the head, the idea is to direct all the hair upwards, make use of good gel or hair wax, as it is necessary to keep the hair “upwards” but without losing the shape of the natural strands.

Children's male haircut ideas Children’s male haircuts cutting ideas.
Children's Men's Haircuts for Curly Hair BoysChildren’s haircuts ideas for curly hair.

Another cut option for frizzy hair is undercut, in this cut the sides and back of the hair are shaved and the top of the hair is kept, giving a modern look in the right measure.

Modern male haircut. Undercut.

Enjoy and check:


Who says a boy can’t have long hair?? Maybe yes! And it’s a blast, the long men’s haircut style for kids, it’s nice in layers so you don’t weigh your hair and be careful not to let it fall in the eye so as not to impair your vision on a day-to-day basis. One hairstyle option for long hair is the hot samurai bun.

Children's male haircuts for straight hairCan boy have long hair? It can and it is a killer.


Always on the rise, even over the years, the topknot is one of the darlings for sure. In this haircut, the sides are cut a little shorter than the front of the hair, which is to be longer, to create the topknot, giving that charm to the hair. To keep the topknot always highlighted, it is necessary to use gels, waxes or ointments for the hair.

Children's male haircuts with topknotChildren’s male hair with topknot has no mistake.
Hairstyle idea for boys.


A cut that is always high for straight and fine hair, it is the “little bowl”, always very versatile, the disadvantage is that it is a cut that always needs to be “up to date”, as it is very marked, you need to plan to go to the hairdresser with a certain periodicity because the hair can lose the cut and fringe grow too much and impair vision.

Children's men's haircuts the famous little bowlFamous little bowl cut for boys.

Another option for this very practical hair that is a hit is the shorter cut with irregular strands, in the surfer style, as it is not such a defined cut, it is easier to maintain.

Men's surfer-style haircuts for kidsSurfer haircut for boys.
Male haircut with irregular strands, easier to maintain.


Wavy hair is a wild card because it suits both formal and informal occasions. And thinking of the children who do not stop to fix their hair all the time, look for a haircut that is versatile and simple, one that even messy is cute.

Male Children's Wavy HaircutsHaircut for boys with wavy hair.
Haircut ideas for boys.


No neurotics, the motto is “take your curls”, they are beautiful, they need care like any other type of hair, the thing is to take good care of them, use quality products and make a good haircut, which is all afterwards enjoy the beauty of curly hair. No more “cachopa” cut, bet on a more “indie” cut where the curls are looser, enhancing the shape of the face.

ideas for curly hairHaircut ideas for curly haired boys.
Curly hair and cut options for boys.
Haircut ideas for boys.


The male children’s haircut with drawing became a fad and gained many fans. Drawing is a technique that uses a razor to form graphics, stripes or drawings on part of the scalp, that is, in this region where the drawing will be carried out, the hair needs be shaved very short in order to highlight the design. Valid for any type of hair.

Children's male haircuts with drawingMale haircut with drawing.
An idea that the boys love is the haircut with a design.

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