13 month messages from newcomers

13 month messages from newcomers

13 month messages from newcomers

We deserve to live and share together a true, pure and unequaled love, every morning I want you to stay with me because I need us to continue living the magic that exists between us Happy for our 13 months of new ones!

My great love, let us celebrate these 13 months of novices, as a small show of love that we feel, let us celebrate this joy because I only want to be with you, make me happy, make me perfect, complement my life, feel fulfilled and willing build the life of mises sueños with you Happy birthday!

I have the idea of ​​having shared with you 13 months of novios. Months that have been perfect for me, filled with love and understanding. I hope to be able to continue enjoying the dicha de tenerte a mi side forever. Best wishes my love!

A year and a month is the time that we have been sharing the beautiful experience of the noviazgo. All that lived until now has filled my soul with light and love. Thanks for each day shared, let’s celebrate our 13 months of newbies!

13 month messages from newcomers

You are a special being, nothing looks like you. I feel inside my interior is bigger than the sky, and stronger than the sea. You are an angelic being who has come to my life to surround me with love. I love you mi cielo! Happy 13 months of noviazgo!

I only want to give you reasons why I love you, because I admitted that there would only be 13 reasons, but I assure you, I could go on listing reasons and maybe it would fill a few pages.

You never try to idealize any couple, otherwise, you always wanted to be realistic and only in the case of blue princes, but actually at your side you have converted as a kind of prince, but in real life .

13 month messages from newcomers

A month more that sums up our love, is 13 months together of new ones Happy birthday! You certainly inspire me, you have completely changed my life, making my surroundings better, warm and special.

Best wishes for our 13 months of novios! In you I found the most wonderful persona because I would dare to take care of every detail and every sweat so as not to miss anything, because simply “I love you”.

I would like to give thanks for filling my life and my days with colors, each day there are more reasons for which I feel that our love is shielded and only with the time it will continue to grow.

Today I give you my commitment to be faithful, loyal, honest, to love to respect and to give love to my hands just as you do daily with me.
Felices 13 months of novios mi amor.

Happy my love, there are 13 wonderful months of new ones, those who do not want to escape, who want to continue living with you moments to remember, and those that fill a heart with happiness and greatness, in every thought you want, in every feeling you want What permanezcas and in your life I want to be so that we can be together for many months, more the new ones, more happiness. Happy birthday number 13 mi amor!

Every night I sleep with you. Every day I want to see your face. Every moment of my life is full of your affection and love. Every thing that surrounds me brings me to you. It has converted you into my life in every way. Happy 13 months of novios mi amor!

Today we celebrate our first 13 months of novices, I want to keep a promise. I want you to separate that you will always count with me and with my love. You are a wonderful being with what you always want to live. Happy months of noviazgo mi vida!

Nadie can change what I feel for you. This love is fuerte and each day grows more. You and yo together each night and each day, this is what I project in my life. Being together, everything will be bien. Happy 13 months of novios mi amor!

Many people go around the world throughout their lives to find what you and what you have. Our love is real and special. All this time has been ideal and I hope it will continue to be there for eternity. Happy 13 months of novios!

You fill my life with emotion, your barks are felt so strong that you occupy my whole heart, you are music for my hearts and you rhythm is the love song that loves me hopelessly, you are the piety that was missing in my heart, gracias love for these 13 months of novios en los que we have been happy Congratulations for these 13 months of novios!

Dear Novio, please decirte that we have successfully overcome our first floor, today we are adding 30 days to our 13-month calendar of muy feliz noviazgo.

The love between us has been without a doubt, the demonstration that the average orange itself exists, but more than that, but I confirm that we are one measure and one for each other.


Today in our 13 months of love, I’m giving you 13 reasons why I love you like I do.

  • He has a big heart and is willing to give them too much without expecting anything in exchange.
  • You will make me see that you respect my opinions and my way of thinking, even when la tuya is completely different.
  • You have known my worst facet and yet you follow me in love.
  • You don’t expect me to change for you, on the contrary, you love me just as I am so that you are yo misma who want to improve for you.
  • At your side I always feel supported and motivated.
  • You are capable of sustaining me en mis días difficultes sin siquiera dudar.
  • You have taught me to be a mejor persona.
  • You encourage me to grow in all spheres of my personal and professional life
  • It has always shown me to be the misma persona con o sin mi.
  • you are honest and sincere
  • You are faithful and loyal to our love.
  • Hates the lies and will inevitably coincide in this feeling.
  • Make me feel safe and stable……….

Three months is equivalent to 395 days of happiness, I hope that this number will multiply with adventures to be covered, learning and discovering, you are the force that swells within me, the guide to reach our others, let us cultivate our love keep us together Happy birthday, mi amor! Happy 13 months of newbies!

Happy 13 months of new ones, let’s continue to grow the most beautiful feeling of life, we are protagonists of our story, filled with a revealing force that emanates from us to protect what is inside each one. Best wishes on our birthday!

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