12 Marketing Strategies for Your Clothing Store

Create your online store and sell online

12 Marketing Strategies for Your Clothing Store

Check out clothing store marketing strategies:

  • Test and observe results
  • Master the techniques of email marketing
  • Bet on price comparators
  • Test coupon and group shopping sites
  • Offer discount coupons
  • Expand efforts on commemorative dates
  • Bet on the quality of packaging
  • Offer freebies to your customers
  • Integrate online and offline channels

Do you want to know more about how to put these tips into practice in your online store? Keep reading this article!

If you work in the internet fashion segment, you know the importance of differentiating yourself from the competition. In this sense, the clothing store marketing it can be a key strategy for attracting customers and increasing your sales.

With a well-defined strategy, you can make your business known in your market niche.

So, if you want to boost sales of your online clothing store and make it known among the target audience, check out our 12 marketing tips to put into practice already.

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Create your online store and sell onlineCreate your virtual store and sell over the internet from your computer

1. Test and observe results

Before creating paid campaigns on Facebook, Google Ads or Instagram, take it easy. The ideal initially is that you invest in these platforms, but take it easy at first and make moderate investments to test public receptivity in front of your product/service.

If you ran a campaign on Facebook Ads, for example, and saw good results, then yes, it is interesting to continue investing more money. However, to know the real impact of these campaigns, you will need to check their results. And how to do this? The ad tools themselves provide analytical reports, but it is recommended that you configure Google Analytics in your store.

Another tip is to use Parameterized URLs to measure the return on your online marketing efforts. With this functionality, you will be able to understand which channels bring the best results for your business and so you will be able to direct your investments to the right places.

2. Invest in media

Making a media plan is a key part of an e-commerce, as it is through it that people have the chance to discover that your business exists. There are several types of media you can test, these being the main ones:

Google Search Network

Investing in the Research Network is if present to potential consumers when they search for certain keywords dedicated to your business on Google. For example, if you sell shoes and select terms like “leather shoes” and “women’s shoes”, whenever they search for these keywords, users will be able to find your store. One of the ways to appear at the top of the surveys is to invest in sponsored link campaigns.

Banners on the Display Network

THE Display Network Google is a network of websites that provides advertising spaces for advertisers. These sites undergo an analysis of criteria to be part of the network and, once approved, have their pages available to receive advertisements from customers around the world.

With Display Network Ads You’ll Make It insert banners on these partner sites. For example: if you have a sports store, you can place a banner on blogs and websites dedicated to football, basketball, volleyball or any other sport. This is an effective way to attract customers who are inserted within your real target.

Remarketing, or retargeting, is a really cool strategy for you who have an online store, since will help you “recapture” users who have already been on your page and for some reason left without making a purchase. Do you know when you visit a product within a website and that item starts chasing you through every page you access? Yeah, that’s remarketing!

You can remarket through Google Ads itself or hire a specialized tool such as AdRoll.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook has several ad modalities and is also a good alternative for virtual stores. There you will be able to so much invest to grow a fanpage, how much to invest in the advertisement of a specific product. It will depend on what is most suitable for your business at the moment.

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Instagram Ads

One of the great advantages of advertising on Instagram is that the tool makes it possible to elaboration of a detailed segmentation of the audience that the advertiser wants to reach.

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In addition, another ad possibility is the similar audience. Through this type of targeting, your campaigns will be displayed to profiles similars with those of others who have already interacted with your ads and posts on the social network.

Thus, this clothing store marketing strategy, therefore, becomes much more assertive.

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Create your online store and sell onlineCreate your virtual store and sell over the internet from your computer

3. Be on social media

Many stores make a classic mistake when exploring the world of social media: wanting to be in all of them at the same time. Just be in the media that makes sense to you and develop an excellent job there, after all, better to do well in a few than badly in many, right?

For those of you who have a fashion business, start with the classic: the Facebook. It is the largest social network on the planet and your audience will certainly be there. Consider other alternatives such as Pinterest and especially Instagram. Otherwise, do small spot tests and observe the results.

Finally, it is essential to work with the power of images on social media. Channels like Instagram and Pinterest have strong visual appeal and you should use that to your advantage. Upload photos of your products (good quality photos) and show them being used in everyday life.

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4. Master email marketing techniques

The first step when it comes to email marketing is to build a solid database; after that you will need to think about write good titles, be objective, publish at the right times and, of course, avoid spam.

5. Produce content

We always hit that key for quality content. In fact, producing content through a blog or YouTube channel will help you gain space in search engines and may make hesitant customers decide to buy. Discover some strategies to adopt:

Write as a guest on a blog

If you are an expert on any specific subject, contact a blog in that segment and offer to write an article on the topic. include links for your website within the article, as this strategy on third-party pages will help you in the SEO of your e-commerce.

In this case, it will be a positive exchange both for your online store, which will gain more visibility, and for the blog that received you, due to the content developed by you.

Submit products to have them rated by websites and blogs

You can submit products to specialized websites and blogs to rate and/or rate you. This strategy will also help you in the SEO part, since when doing the product review the site will put a link to your online store.

share videos

Consumers who watch videos about products are 85% more likely to purchase them. This statistic was taken from a survey by Internet Retailer and shows that at some point in your business you HAVE to consider producing this type of content..

6. Bet on price comparators

The big advantage of price comparators is that they bring together users who want to effectively close a deal. Anyone who enters a comparator is much more likely to make a purchase than a person who clicked on a Google ad after typing in a certain keyword, for example.

Most price comparisons require you to already have an online store and charge for click on the ad (CPC), that is, you will only have to pay when someone clicks on your offer within the site (a structure similar to that used by Google and Facebook).

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7. Test coupon and group shopping sites

On coupon and group shopping sites you will have the advantage of exposing your brand in a broad way, in addition to promising ability to attract new customers and to move your product inventory.

giants like the Groupon, however, can be problematic, as when using them you will have to offer big discounts and still have to pay a percentage to the site, which will make your profit almost zero.

It’s worth it, however, to do a no-obligation test on these platforms. The advantage of attracting many new customers (and who can become repeat customers) is tempting, especially for new businesses, but be careful to avoid losses.

8. Offer discount coupons

In addition to being naturally swayable, the human being is stimulated by offers. Working on top of this pseudo-need, promoting discount coupons, is a strategy that can yield good results.

Benefits of discount coupons

Check out some advantages of this marketing practice:

  • Increased number of new consumers;
  • Sales growth for a given product;
  • Incentive for old customers to buy again;
  • Reward for current customers.

Ways to Offer Discount Coupons

You can offer your discount coupons through several channels, such as:

  • Social networks;
  • E-mail marketing;
  • When wrapping a product (to encourage current customers to buy again);
  • Group shopping sites.

It is important that coupons contain a code that can be entered on your website at the time of purchase, thus, discounts will be carried out successfully and without headaches.

Create your online store and sell onlineCreate your virtual store and sell over the internet from your computer

What to offer on discount coupons?

  • A fixed amount when purchasing a certain product (ex: R$50 off the purchase of leather shoes);
  • A percentage of the value of a particular product (eg 25% off the purchase of leather shoes);
  • Free shipping.

It is also essential to set a deadline for your coupon to be used. Also be clear about the rules and terms of the offer, as this will keep customers from getting frustrated.

9. Expand efforts on commemorative dates

Specific dates, such as Black Friday, sell much more than ordinary days. Therefore, it is worth redoubling your efforts during these periods to leverage your store’s earnings. The first step, in this case, is to make a plan: assemble an editorial calendar of the main commemorative dates and start preparing for them.

You should also consider strategies like personalized email marketing, urgently appealing offers, and themed blogposts.

10. Bet on the quality of packaging

Invest in resistant packaging, which protects the products and makes them reach the consumer’s home in one piece. Also, use them as a marketing channel to your advantage.

Instead of sending simple boxes or envelopes to your customers, why not print your brand logo on them? Small details like this may incur an extra cost, but they can definitely win over some buyers.

11. Offer freebies to your customers

This is a classic marketing strategy and it follows the same line as the previous tip. You can make pens, key chains or any other gift…

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