110 amazing cuts and how to care for the strands

110 amazing cuts and how to care for the strands

110 amazing cuts and how to care for the strands


Short hair, regardless of texture, is already the champion in terms of practicality. When we’re talking about short curly hair, we can add extra doses of incredible volume, the charm of the curls and productions full of attitude.

If you want a new look, full of modernity and that uncomplicates your daily care routine, getting a haircut can be a great idea. See these 110 cuts that we’ve separated to motivate you to let go of length and find out what cares are taken to keep short frizzy hair healthy and full of shine.

Short Curly Haircuts

If you want to cut your locks but you are still in doubt, know that there is no shortage of cutting options for short frizzy hair. See these beautiful cuts and get ready to let go of the threads!

1. Short curly hair is beautiful!

alyssa marie

2. It’s full of possibilities

Alissa Ashley

3. Short hair doesn’t make you less feminine


4. No less woman

Nérida Cocamaro

5. The hair is yours and you choose how you want to wear it!

Janaina Aisha

6. You can bet on a super short

Amanda Stenberg

7. A great option for those who are going to make the big chop

Eva Apio

8. If you want a more classic look, go black power!

Beverly Pierre

9. Looks beautiful with well-defined curls

Whitney Madueke

10. And without any definition

Blesnya Minher

11. You can discolor

Maraisa Fidelis

12. Or fill it with color!

Josy Ramos

13. Black power doesn’t have that name for nothing

Beverly Pierre

14. It’s afro hair full of power and beauty

Whitney Madueke

15. Have you ever heard of the tapered cut?


16. It is this cut with the nape and the sides of the hair shorter

Lucia Miranda

17. Latest fashion for curly shorts

vick de paula

18. It’s modern and practical

Karla Rodrigues

19. Another ideal cut for those in transition


20. Short frizzy hair allows for bold looks

Josy Ramos

21. Shaved sides

Wendel Melo

22. Vibrant colors to enhance texture

Regiane Alexandre

23. Your hair can become a sculpture

Wendel Melo

24. And get the shape you want

Nataly Neri

25. With a technique called blowout

Nataly Neri

26. Which brings volume and leaves the strands without defined curls

Ayaana Aschkar-Stevens

27. There is no age or time limit to take on a curly and short look

Viola Davis

28. Hair can accompany you at all stages of life


29. It contributes to a youthful look

Amanda Stenberg

30. But the curly and short for ladies is also amazing

Gabrielle Bass

31. Gray hair has its power

Dondoca Beauty and Cosmetics

32. Chanel cut is not just for straight hair

Luci Gonçalves

33. Looks great on curly hair

julia lira

34. As well as the most diverse colors

Maraisa Fidelis

35. Curly, short and red are amazing

sierra nia

36. Blonde and curly? We have it too!

May Diniz

37. Cut looks good with lights

Josy Ramos

38. For those who want platinum

Kimberly Nerette

39. Or a multicolored look

beautiful olive

40. Accessories can be your curly and short best friend

alyssa marie

41. Bet on scarves, bandanas and turbans


42. Earrings stand out with short hair


43. Rings, for example, are on the rise


44. Accessories also complement the cut on special occasions

Thayne Slane MAKE UP

45. You can get married with short hair yes!

Carol France

46. ​​You will be a crisp and beautiful bride

Isabela Matusalen

47. Or a charming godmother

Daniela Rosa

48. Short, curly hair can also go to prom


49. It will be a killer with the look of the party

Nyakim Gatwech

50. Worthy of a gala look


51. It goes from an artistic production

Nyakim Gatwech

52. To the work look


53. Short hair is the face of summer

May Diniz

54. The outside of the neck is a relief from the heat

Gabi Oliveira

55. But remember to moisturize your hair well at this time

Keyla Gabrielly

56. To protect them from the action of the sun and the sea

Luci Gonçalves

57. And how about risking a cut with drawings?


58. Combines with mohawk style cut

Juliana Machado

59. And with the tapered cut

tiffany renee

60. It’s delicate work and has a fun look

tiffany renee

61. The designs became famous in barbershops

tiffany renee

62. They are usually made with machines and razors


63. Will be the highlight of your look

Didan hair

64. Gradient goes well with this type of cut

talitha de jesus

65. Which is more fashionable and cool

Victoria Carvalho

66. As well as the very short and blonde look

aline wireley

67. For modern, purposeful women

Karol Conka

68. There is no more practical look than this

Preta Araujo

69. It will be beautiful on a festive day

Lupita Nyongo

70. And in the rush of everyday life

nice lyre

71. Try layer cutting

jacy july

72.It leaves the hair with a more rounded shape

Rizia Fernandes

73. Values ​​hair texture


74. And it brings an interesting volume

Natalie Bolt

75. You can texture short curly hair


76. Frizz makes for a more laid-back look


77. Take advantage of the short cut to maximize accessories

Meg Lima

78. Betting on makeup full of color

Julian R. Addo

79. And highlighted in the illuminated

Beatriz Rodrigues

80. But don’t be afraid to bet on more minimalist looks

denise gomes

81. With simpler accessories


82. You are naturally beautiful

Ayaana Aschkar-Stevens

83. Just like your hair

Thando Hopa

84. Baby hair is also a charm for short, curly hair


85. Can be done with a brush and gel

Mary Bennett

86. Finishes the look

Jalayah Robertson

87. And it makes all the difference

Jalayah Robertson

88. How about short curly hair with bangs?

Jeniffer Birth

89. The curls covering the forehead are a charm

Brena Mafra

90. When there’s a lot of volume


91. And cut us with less volume

Cierra Nia

92. Putting your hair all the way up is nice too

mia ghogho

93. This is the main feature of black power


94. A volume full of attitude


95. Which is featured in any production


96. Short curly hair is full of advantages

Joyce Carter

97. The cut facilitates the maintenance of the curls

Jessica Ellen

98. And there’s a version for every style and texture

Enhle Mbali Maphumul

99. Be with a more modern cut


100. Or with the more classics for frizzy hair

Priscilla Rocha

101. Let go of length without fear

Mrs. Odhiambo

102. Love and care for your curly

englatina assisi

103. It enhances your beauty

Adriana Januária

104. It is a symbol of afro strength

Gabi Oliveira

105. An amazing way to show your personality

Maraisa Fidelis

106. Be her bolder


107. Or more discreet

Anilda Moreira

108. Don’t be afraid to let go of standards


109. Cut your hair!

Maia Vox Blog

110. Be curly, beautiful and full!

Luci Gonçalves

Aren’t they all beautiful? The coolest thing is that each hair has its own texture and reacts in a particular way to a cut or hairstyle. A tip is to pay attention to references with hair more similar to yours.

How to care for short curly hair

Once you’ve decided to run the scissors through your hair and adopt the curly and short look, it will be a delight to adapt to the look and figure out how to handle the new cut. See wonderful tips for taking care of your hair!

How to cut short curly hair yourself

Check out how to cut short curly hair at home. Moisten and untangle the strands well, separate the locks with twists and pass the scissors! Make sure the scissors are sharp and cut slowly to avoid cutting more than you intended.

How to make tapered cut in short curly hair

Tapered cut is this cut in which the nape and sides of the hair are much shorter. It’s on the rise and it’s an amazing solution for those who want to make the big chop, for example. Check out the tutorial and receive several tips that will make cutting time easier.

How to Sleep Without Wrinkling Short Curly Hair

This one is for you who want to have an amazing day after! Find out how to prepare your hair before bed to prevent your short frizz from sagging and how to revitalize it the next day. If you want to go even further, the great tip is to change the cotton pillowcase for a satin one, which avoids the frizz of the threads.

How to finish short curly hair

Gabi Oliveira shows how she finishes her type 4 short hair. You’ll need your favorite styling cream, which can be topped up with coconut oil, a fork comb, and a brush. The fork comb is your biggest ally against the shrinkage factor, it helps give shape and volume to the hair.

How to use accessories on short curly hair

If your hair is too short for hairstyles, it’s worth betting on accessories to enhance your look. See how to tie scarves, bandanas and turbans that will be the highlight of your productions.

Party Hairstyles in Short Curly Hair

Parties and formal occasions need not be the reason to brush or smooth your frizz. With graceful hairstyles and an extra sparkle from accessories you’ll be lavishing elegance and beauty around.

Easy Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair

Learn three beautiful hairstyles that are synonymous with practicality! Great ideas to differentiate your look from day to day quickly and easily. All you need is tic tac clips and a simple scarf.

Taking care of your hair is an act of self-care and can help boost self-esteem. Enjoy a moment with yourself, you are beautiful!

6 products perfect for short frizzy hair

Frizzy hair has a natural tendency to dry out, so it’s important to hydrate and nourish the strands well! Products with vegetable oils and butters can become your favorites. Check out the tips that we have separated for you.

Women’s Tips

  1. C.Kamura Argan Oil – Capillary Oil 60ml, in Beauty on the Web
  2. Shampoo Seda Natural Refill Anti-Break Honey and Oils, in Americanas
  3. Gelatin Salon Line #TODECACHO – I can’t get out of my head! – 550GR
  4. Salon Line Comb Cream #TODECACHO – How about Divine Crespo – 500G
  5. Lola Cosmetics Creoula – Conditioner 250g, in Beauty on the Web
  6. Yenzah SPA Hair Avocado – Hair Mask 480g, in Beauty on the Web

Ready to get a haircut? Take advantage of the time to renew your look to renew your energy and believe even more in your beauty

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