11 amazing and trustworthy sites to buy clothes online!

submarine website

11 amazing and trustworthy sites to buy clothes online!

See the list that our team at Eletro Críticas made with 10 amazing sites so you can buy clothes at a cheap price and with confidence!

Buying online is no longer a novelty and makes life much easier for everyone.

But buying clothes is still a problem for some consumers, from sizes that don’t fit the known standard, to fraudulent websites that just want your money and never deliver the product.

We at Eletro Críticas are going to list here the 10 best sites so that you can buy clothes with peace of mind and without having problems such as; delay in delivery, non-compatible size, poor product quality and much more, so let’s go to the best stores.

You can also see our store reviews, where we analyze store by store and see the quality of each one, especially for you.

This article was created in 09 hours, between production and review, and in this list we analyze mainly the opinions left by users and our personal shopping experiences of our team, in addition to the analysis of websites specialized in user opinion, such as Reclame aqui and similar ones. Some of the links on the sites have affiliates, that is, they may revert a small amount to the site, which helps us to create more content. Article updated on January 26, 2021.

1- Submarine Fashion

submarine websiteExcellent surprise that our team did not expect. (Photo: Submarine/website)

Offering a wide variety of products, submarine fashion enters this list, bringing products for men, women and children, from accessories to shoes, and has offered a great difference between discounts and delivery times.

To be honest, we didn’t expect it to have so much on offer and with excellent quality clothes.

Our team has already made hundreds of purchases and most of them were excellent, with occasional complaints about any delays.

The estimated time for the submarino’s deliveries is up to 2 business days, depending on the region, they can arrive in up to 5 days, but they promise a maximum of this period.

If you are still in doubt about the company, our team at Eletro Críticas has already talked extensively about Submarino in this article.

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2 – Zattini

Check out the video of Eletro’s Youtube Channel Reviews.

This is a store that has grown a lot in the online sales market and today is already a great reference of ease and convenience for its users, providing several products for men, women, children and even for the home and bathroom.

The site is very intuitive and with a simple and easy-to-use designer, everything we are looking for, isn’t it?

It is also very easy to make payments and the delivery time is up to 3 working days, the clothes really arrive on time and with sizes as requested.

The products of excellent quality and highly praised by its customers, the platform also works with various accessories and shoes, you will be able to buy calmly and without fear of being scared when your items arrive.

We even did a complete analysis of the store in one article.

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3- Dafitti

dafiti websiteRecommended and with a lot of variety. (Photo: Dafiti)

A large and innovative in the online sales market, very famous for its discounts and extremely low prices, if you are looking for practicality and low value, this is exactly where you need to buy, the platform promises to deliver within 7 working days and accepts all forms of payment.

For purchases above R$99.00 you can get completely free shipping, as I said before, it is one of the best in terms of discount and very low price.

The store’s biggest advantage is making sure all the products are genuine, and since they resell most of the top brands, it helps a lot!

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4 – Youcom

youcom store

Are you looking for a laid-back style and more your face? Youcom has a perfect variety for you, with pieces full of style and with a lot of personality, it promises to be a great highlight of style and joviality to its customers.

The site is very intuitive and easy to use, the categories are separated between men and women and it has a difference that is the radio playing a song while you choose your pieces.

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5 – Centaur


Without a doubt, the biggest power in the sporting world, especially when it comes to clothing, and centaur offers a very intuitive website and at the same time with a lot of variety and excellent quality products.

The company focuses on working with all audiences, providing various sports accessories and is a champion in accessibility and practicality at the time of purchase.

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6 – Renner


Renner has innovated every day, from its physical to virtual stores, it is always bringing more laid-back styles that reflect the personality of its customers.

The site is very easy to buy and they accept all types of payment, they usually manage to deliver within 10 working days, their products are of the highest quality and if any problems arise, there will be a very well prepared center to solve them. them.

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7- Pink brunette

clothes from the pink brunette store

This store has made a big revolution in its stocks, because in addition to making it easier to view its products, it is bringing a wide variety of plus size products, so that everyone can adhere to their products without any problem.

Its big difference is in the wide variety of products and its incredible discounts, that is, for purchases above R$ 99.00 you can have completely free shipping.

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8- Club


Bringing various products and for everyone, Taco has revolutionized the market, seeking to serve men, women, babies, sports, casual and so on. Unafraid to risk the new, they have easily competed with Zattini.

A store to be really good needs to invest in all sizes of clothing and great discounts and in this regard, Taco is excellent, as it can serve everyone and still generate great discounts.

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9 – Marisa

marisa clothing site

A more traditional store and aimed at the more conventional public, but it is an excellent competitor when it comes to discounting and accessibility, the site is simple to find your right product and the prices are great.

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10- Five blu


The pieces from this store bring up to 60% off each of their products, although they don’t innovate as much as their pieces and somehow need to innovate in some ways, the prices are incredible.

The site is very simple to access and they accept all forms of payment, making life even easier for their customers, they also work with great accessories and products for men and women.

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Extra Tip: Also check out Kanui, which has unbeatable offers.

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