+100 Clothing Store Name Ideas (+ Essential Tips) ⋆ Money Tree


+100 Clothing Store Name Ideas (+ Essential Tips) ⋆ Money Tree

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I know you came here for name ideas for clothing stores. But first of all, I want to give you some cool tips to make this nomination process easier, how about that?

6 Essential Tips for Choosing a Store Name


  • #1 Don’t limit your chances for a prosperous future!

Avoid naming a neighborhood, city or region. Because, if one day your business expands, the name may no longer make sense…

  • #2 Study the competition

Taking a look at the competition is never a waste of time. See the name, the products they sell and see what might work for you, too.

  • #3 Know your audience

Who would be your store’s main buyers? Teenagers? Country? Young adults? Seniors?

The more you know about your clientele, the easier it will be to name them!

  • #4 Names that are too long tend to get forgotten quickly, so try not to overdo it!

See? You’ve forgotten everything.

If you already have an idea in mind, Google this name. If you already have people using it, forget it.

(See also the

to see if anyone has ever used your name on a website).

  • #6 Bet on simple and memorable names!

No complicated names please! Make life easier for those who want to recommend you!

It’s really annoying when you can’t remember or can’t pronounce the name of a store, isn’t it?

Now check out all this information in a beautiful infographic:

names-for-clothing-stores-infographic-money-treeWant to share our infographic? Don’t forget to put our link! copy the infographic on your website, copy and paste the code below into your source code:

Now that you’ve got the unmissable tips, here’s more than 100 ideas for clothing store names for you to get inspired and use when creating your own business! Come on?

Names for Women’s and Men’s Clothing Stores

name-for-men's and women's clothing stores

If it’s for clothing store names in general, we have a few options here. Check out:

  1. Parade Now!
  2. Fashion show
  3. clothing fair
  4. Your fashion
  5. Your style
  6. Destroyed!
  7. Blast it!
  8. Hit the Track!
  9. It’s us!
  10. My way
  11. Our way
  12. Wow!
  13. In the catwalk
  14. (your name) Clothing and Footwear
  15. (your name) fashions
  16. (your name) dresses
  17. (your name) Party Clothes
  18. (your name) Jeans
  19. (your name) pajamas
  20. (your name) Seams
  21. (your name) sports
  22. Outlet from (your name)
  23. (your name) club
  24. Style of (your name)
  25. Atacadão of (your name)
  26. discount
  27. Save!
  28. designer model
  29. I want to show
  30. dressed to shine
  31. party of masks
  32. Evening dress
  33. fashion show
  34. nude clothes
  35. nudes
  36. send a nudes
  37. Clothes labyrinth
  38. Black in white
  39. Generation Z
  40. Clothes & Clothes
  41. R&R
  42. Parade
  43. high fashion
  44. High fashion
  45. High quality
  46. Trend
  47. Good taste
  48. good with me
  49. Seen me
  50. seen well seen
  51. light on the catwalk
  52. Spotlight
  53. fashion show

In other languages…

  1. fashion shop
  2. Top Model
  3. Glow! (Shine!)
  4. My Style
  5. Oui (Yes, in French)
  6. Swag
  7. Hollywood Style (Hollywood Style)
  8. TikTok Style
  9. Downtown Clothes (clothes from the Netherlands)
  10. (your name)’s place
  11. millennium
  12. Quality Fashion
  13. Fashion Week
  14. Trendy
  15. Fit Fashion (for gym clothes)


Names for Women’s Clothing Stores

name-for-women's-clothes stores

  1. (Your Name) Boutique
  2. Lulu’s Club
  3. Corner of (your name)
  4. Corner of (your name)
  5. For them
  6. (your name) Panties and Bras
  7. (your name) Underwear
  8. Underwear only
  9. The pepper!
  10. undressing me
  11. naughty girl
  12. girl style
  13. Madame (your name)
  14. Hello Bininas! (Yes, that’s what you’re reading…)
  15. Hello girls!
  16. High heels
  17. descend from the jump
  18. full of grace
  19. Keeping an eye on her

In other languages…

  1. Lady (your name)
  2. lady fashion
  3. hey beauty (hey beautiful)
  4. Hey Girl (Hey Girl!)
  5. baby girl
  6. VSCO Girl
  7. Girlfriend (girlfriend)
  8. Influencer
  9. Bella Boutique


Names for Men’s Clothing Stores

name-for-men's clothing stores

  1. Alpha
  2. For them
  3. Hey dude?
  4. man style
  5. He is the guy
  6. Mr. Perfect
  7. Obsession
  8. Essential
  9. Godfather
  10. (your name) underwear
  11. Academy of (your name)
  12. Palace of Underpants
  13. socks and underwear
  14. Blood in the vein

In other languages…

  1. Mr. Right
  2. Mrs. Right
  3. Bad Guy
  4. Bad Boy
  5. Wolf (Wolf)
  6. The Boss
  7. Master Master
  8. e-boy
  9. Boyfriend (boyfriend)
  10. sniper

— Names for Children’s Clothing Stores —

name-for-children's clothing stores

  1. Clothing Playground
  2. Clothes Park
  3. baby parties
  4. Mom & Baby
  5. Baby Outlet
  6. Baby on Board
  7. Lullaby
  8. mighty little boss
  9. sleep Baby
  10. Baby’s Butt

In other languages…

  1. Baby Boss
  2. cutie (cute)
  3. CutiePie (Cute)
  4. Lullaby (lullaby)

—• Here’s the Tip •—


Since we are talking about clothing stores, a very important step towards success is having good suppliers.

Here is a list that originally costs R$297. We partnered with the producers on the list and managed to reduce the value to R$97 through this one:

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We can list several reasons why you should grant your access to the list, including:

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  • Fast delivery. Typically, terms vary from 1 to 4 business days via Sedex and 5 to 10 days via PAC.
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  • And much more!

If you want to know more about the list and see testimonials from several retailers who have been successful with it, click on the button below:

—• Special Tip •—

— Import Products to Brazil —

A nice tip is for you to learn how to import products into Brazil so that you can find quality products at a lower price.

You can find many precious tips here:

Essential Tips for Importing from the USA

If you used any of these names as inspiration, want to give a suggestion or found a ridiculous name, let us know here in the comments!


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