10 ideas to inspire you!

Clothing store advertising text

10 ideas to inspire you!

I produced 10 options of clothing store advertising text for you to use around. They can be placed in advertisements, can be used by broadcasters or even as advertisements on radio, TV or internet.

Choose the ones that are most related to your business and change them with your price information, store name and whatever else you want to add.

Check out 10 clothing store advertising text templates below:

Clothing store advertising text

1 – If you need good and cheap clothes, this is the best place! We have a variety of colors and fabrics, always following the season’s fashion. To improve, we have unmissable offers that will help you update your wardrobe. Come enjoy!

2 – Need to stay in style for Friday night? So you need to come here! The best brands with the best conditions in the region. High quality products to rock your Instagram.

3 – Today is the best day of your life to buy clothes! Discounts of 10%, 20% and up to 50% on the most beautiful pieces in the store! The best: You can split everything up to 5 interest-free installments!

4 – How about buying clothes and still getting a nice gift? Here in the store it’s like that! For every R$70 in purchases, you earn R$30 to spend with whatever you want. Don’t miss it!

5 – Our store is the best place to buy quality clothes! Here you have always updated stock, with all sizes and colors for you to choose at your leisure. If you need clothes, you must come here!

6 – Want to give that up on your look? So let me help you. The store has renewed stock and exclusive pieces. Anyone who sees you falls in love and if I were you I would run not to miss this opportunity!

7 – The clothes say everything about you, that’s why when choosing where to buy it is necessary to choose the best. We have everything you need, with the best conditions and many promotions. Get along with yourself without having to pay dearly for it!

8 – Is it difficult to find clothes of your size around? Because here you don’t have to worry about it! We work with beautiful clothes, of good quality and with measurements of real people. Come check it out and fall in love with so many wonders!

9 – The entire store with 30% discount, that’s right! The manager has gone crazy and wants to finish the stock today. This is your chance to renew your wardrobe without having to spend next to nothing. Come check it out!

10 – Down, down, down the price of clothes, huh? The entire store on sale until the stock runs out, so you can take the most beautiful pieces in the region, paying a pittance!

What to write in a store advertisement?

Text ready for clothing store presentation

When it’s time to make your clothing store advertisement it is necessary to think about the formulation of sentences that draw the direct attention of your target audience. I believe that there are some points that need to be taken advantage of and I brought them here below for you to know:

Be clear

There’s no point in wanting to talk difficult things or be messing around, no one will want to go to your store like that. If it’s on sale, for example, talk and make it clear how it works. Never lie, huh?

whet people’s desire

There are several sales techniques that help to close a deal and this is one of my favorites. It’s the art of making the customer feel like something they might not even need.

For that, you need to talk about the benefits that clothes will give the user. Will it make him prettier, will it give him comfort, make him more stylish, or maybe it’s exclusive? Say that!

Publicize a sweepstakes or promotion

How about making a differentiated promotion or creating a limited draw and publicizing it in times of high flow? For example: The first 10 customers will get a free part or a discount to buy something else.

be nice and friendly

I don’t know about you, but if I walk down the street and there’s an announcer talking about promotions for a store and suddenly he makes a joke with me or embarrasses me, I get really upset! If your store works that way, remember to train your employees to be nice, otherwise they will scare people off.

Speak the language of your audience

If you have a serious or professional clothing store you need to speak in more elegant terms, you know? If it’s a children’s store, it needs to be something relaxed and happy. When writing a text from clothing store advertisement, think about it.

Choose the right place to advertise

It’s no use wanting to make an ad for your clothing store in a place where your audience doesn’t go. What’s the use of broadcasting on the radio if people who buy it often watch videos on Youtube?

Know your audience well, know where they consume content and be present in those places. In addition, of course, to using more conventional means, such as the store’s own sound system or an announcer on the street.

Create your text and start earning!

Now it’s up to you! You can use a text to advertise a store that I made or take advantage of everything I brought here to be inspired and create something personalized and exclusive to your business.

I’m sure everything can be all right, I’m in the crowd!

A hug and until the next article.

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