▷ Youtube invites itself to fashion week (2022)

A new generation for fashion

From the screen to reality, how did these influencers come straight from the internet manage to propel themselves to the top of fashion?

A large number of influencers met in Paris for the fashion week to which they were invited in Paris. Coming from France or elsewhere, from Youtube or Tiktok, some are at the forefront of the biggest fashion shows.

This is the case of the Ami parade which brought together youtubers and tiktokeurs from all over the world, in particular Léna situation, Paola Locatelli or the American Noah Beck. Aged between 18 and 25, these personalities have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry. The Paco Rabanne house has chosen to surround itself with influencer Carla Ginola, who has become known for her daring and cutting-edge styles. Squeezie and Léna situation, meanwhile, caused a sensation at the fashion show of the Dior haute couture house.

The Lacoste brand has opted for muses such as Noah Schnapp, Maddie Ziegler and the young New Zealand actor KJ Apa.

Indeed, TikTok seems to be getting a warm welcome from the luxury fashion industry. Charlie d’Amelio is the perfect example. At only 17 years old, the young American was invited to the Prada fashion show and was in the front row for the occasion. She made her first appearance during Milan fashion week 2020, which caught the attention of internet users.

Louis Vuitton opted for long-time influencer and youtuber Emma Chamberlain to refresh the brand’s image and reach a youtube audience.

A well-defined marketing strategy

Is it a simple generous gesture on the part of brands or a marketing strategy?

Indeed, each brand gets closer to the influencers that suit it, having as a selection criterion the image that they send back to the outside world. The brands will then reach a very specific audience through these different influencers varying on their ages, their playgrounds and their personalities. Being fully aware that the latter will promote the image of the brand and its reputation on social networks, fashion houses then offer themselves a new source of endless advertising with the key to new potential customers.

Influencer communication channels are significantly less expensive than advertising campaigns and the creative process much less time-consuming. All they have to do is publish content in the form of Tiktoks, vlogs or even Instagram stories for the event to go viral. This kind of event attracts the general public for several reasons. Firstly because they are often private and influencers share a bit of their daily life with Internet users. But also because they allow us to escape reality for a moment and enter the prized and glamorous world of fashion.

The Gen-z generation is a new source of inspiration for many industries, especially fashion. Many brands have understood this and are trying to enter the 18-25 year old market by getting closer to the personalities who represent and influence them. Fashion houses have a lot to gain there and in this very private environment that is fashion, they manage to make new influences discover and flourish.

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