▷ Where can I find auto insurance after cancellation by the insurer? (2021)

After the termination of your auto insurance contract by your insurer, being able to find new insurance is often an obstacle course. So, to help you find a new auto insurer, we invite you to follow our advice.

Negotiate another alternative with your auto insurer

Several reasons may justify the termination of your contract by your insurer. Among other things, we have a multitude of claims during the year, the withdrawal of your license, false declarations or the non-payment of contributions. However, you always have the possibility of negotiating with the insurer so that the termination of the contract is at your initiative.

Indeed, a termination at the initiative of the insurer reduces your chances of finding another auto insurer or vehicle insurance online. If your request is accepted by the insurer, then you will not have a profile with the status “at risk” and therefore you will be able to contact other companies to insure you. In this case, you avoid the increase in the insurance premium with the new insurer.

Take out insurance with an insurer specializing in canceled auto insurance cases

Insofar as your insurer refuses to terminate the insurance contract on your initiative, you have the possibility of approaching an insurer who specializes in terminated auto insurance. Indeed, this category of company takes care of insuring drivers whose insurance contracts have been terminated, but also malussed, by offering them rates that adapt to the status they have.

These companies therefore offer relatively higher rates than conventional insurance rates, but the insured can still take out comprehensive insurance. In addition, in order to find insurance that suits you without having to pay a higher premium than the standard premium, you can use an online auto insurance comparison tool.

This type of tool references companies that specialize in aggravated risks and traditional insurers.

Refer to the BCT (Bureau Central de Tarification)

If the previous recommendations did not allow you to find a new insurer, know that you have another alternative. Indeed, you can get closer to the BCT. It is an institution independent from insurers. It was set up in 1958 by the State in order to allow all motorists to be able to subscribe to a minimum compulsory insurance.

The BCT has the option of fixing the cost of the insurance premium and obliging the insurance company you have chosen to sign an insurance contract with you. However, despite the accessibility of this solution to all, it nevertheless has some drawbacks. First, the process to find insurance is long and can take up to about three months.

Then the BCT can only provide you with third party insurance. This is often insufficient if you have a new car. Finally, the new contract is valid for one year. You will have to repeat the procedure if the insurance contract is not renewed by the insurer.

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