▷ The new Nike collection by Louis Vuitton signed by Virgil Abloh (2022)

The creator of the off-site brand, which recently returned blade, later created an unlimited series of shoes for Nike, signed Louis Vuitton.

Virgil Abloh was a great friend and collaborator of the Nike brand since he did not stop working with it from 2016 to 2021, both as artistic director of the Louis Vuitton men’s collection and as founder of his Off-White label.

Louis Vuitton surpasses itself

Featured during the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2022 show, the unlimited series of 200 pairs of Nike “Air Force 1” broke a record at Sotheby’s auctions, fetching a total of exactly $25.3 million on Wednesday, February 9, 2022.

This is the shoe collection comprising the widest choice that Louis Vuitton has ever released.

The pairs are of different materials and colors.

The pieces are made up of about twenty colors and the design is quite classic:

Merging the classic codes of legendary basketball, Nike adorned with the Louis Vuitton logo recognizable by all.

The most extravagant pair comes in all metallic gold, with the luxury brand’s monogram and a brown midsole and tongue, as well as a black sole.

Following the sale of 200 identical “Air Force 1” models from Nike and Louis Vuitton, 47 other variations from the collection will be on display in the French fashion house’s boutiques.

But sneakers have never been more popular than now.

Virgil abloh explained their popularity by their accessibility:

“This generation can appreciate sneakers more than a Matisse because [le Matisse] is not accessible “

The booming sneaker market

Indeed, the new generation is the one most attracted to this market. More than a third of the bidders, all countries combined, are under 40 years old.

Head of Streetwear and Modern Collectibles at Sotheby’s Brahm Wachter explains:

We broke a record for the most online auction bids in the first day alone. Sneaker collectors around the world are on the hunt for the crème de la crème, and it hasn’t been more apparent than with a special sale in honor of Virgil Abloh”

The sneaker market is booming and more and more customers are joining it. This is why the biggest auction houses are becoming more and more demanding in order to satisfy the greatest number of collectors possible.

Auction houses are scrambling for the sneaker that will thrill collectors.

In October 2021, famous basketball player Michael Jordan’s 1984 Nike “Air Ships” sold for $1.5 million at Christie’s.

A few months earlier, at Sotheby’s, a collector bought Kanye West’s Grammy-worn Nike “Air Yeezy 1” for $1.8 million.

In the hope of a new auction dedicated to the creations of Virgil Abloh, the clothes, accessories, works of art and designs imagined by this visionary man will be at the heart of a posthumous exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum from July 1 .


What is the link between Virgil Abloh, Nike and Louis Vuitton?

Virgil Abloh, designer of the recently deceased Off-White brand, to work with Louis Vuitton in order to create a collection for Nike signed Louis Vuitton.

How will the Nike Louis Vuitton collection be sold?

The collection was sold by auction house Sotheby’s.

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