▷ The most expensive hats in the world (2022)

The Pope’s Tiara – 10 Million dollars

In recent decades, almost all popes have worn this magnificent hat “the papal tiara” throughout their period. It was designed as a symbol of support, respect and deference. Then this practice ended in 1975 with the description of their power and glory. The price of this hat amounted to several tens of millions of dollars. It has been enhanced with 540 pearls, 22 emeralds, 8 sapphires and 11 diamonds.

Love Hat – $2.7 million

It is quite a different shaped hat that debuted at Christie’s gallery in London when a female model wore this hat. Later, another Hollywood actress, Alicia Witt, also wore this hat for guests and viewers.

The estimated value of this hat was nearly $2.7 million.

The Chapeau D’Amour has been crafted from pure platinum fabric which is encrusted with diamonds and designed on inspiration.

Deep Blue Sea – $890,000

Deep Blue Sea is the hat that was designed by Australian Ann Maree Willett, is made of hand-woven wool and was sold for $890,000.

It was inspired by Milan Fashion Week in 2007 and has been featured in numerous catwalks. This hat is not for sale on the market, but it is kept in the Milan Fashion Museum.

Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Hat – $13.3783

It is the most admired and beautiful hat in the world which was worn by Princess Beatrice of New York who was a niece of Prince Charles.

The latter was auctioned off on eBay in 2011. It sold for the high price of $133,783.

It was designed by Irishman Philip hat. This unique creation is trimmed with which comes in pink color and is further mixed with ribbons, bow and small pink bun.

It was then worn by Kate Middleton and Prince William in 2011.

The total proceeds from the sale were donated to UNICEF and children in crisis around the world.

Brent Black`s the Hat – $25,000

Brent Black is one of the most beautiful creations made by the famous Panama. The latter took almost 3 to 4 years to make. It’s hat was woven using fine toquilla straw. It is very elegant and stands out from the others for its elegance and sobriety.

Charlie Chaplin bowler hat – $62,500

Finally, here is a Charlie Chaplin bowler hat that belongs to the famous icon called Charlie Chaplin who was a very famous influencer in the entire film industry.

He was not only a writer, but also an actor, producer and director. He also has his own wax statue, placed in the Kentucky Museum in 1936.

It was then sold at British auction in 2012 and belonged to the late Chaplin.

The value of this hat is estimated at $62,500. Charlie Chaplin is one of the few celebrities who was known for his hat.


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