▷ The Marine Serre phenomenon revolutionizes fashion by breaking codes (2022)

The Marine Serre phenomenon

Originally from France, more precisely from Corrèze, the young 26-year-old designer Marine Serre has always been passionate about tennis. Missing the selection for the world tennis competition Roland Garros, she then turned to the world of fashion.

While the designer worked for the French luxury house Balenciaga, she left the group to launch her own brand in 2017, which was followed by her first collection: “Radical call for Love”.

Marine Serre had already acquired a lot of experience in the luxury sector, in fact, she worked for several designers such as Maison Margiela, Alexander McQueen or Dior.

Since her official debut at the Fall/Winter 2018 show, the designer has presented three collections at Paris Fashion Week, which featured technologically advanced designs incorporating anti-pollution masks.

His first collection was seen by Karl Lagerfeld whose uniqueness caught the eye.

The brand gained visibility when the house’s flagship piece, the jumpsuit with crescent moon motifs, was worn by Kylie Jenner, the world’s youngest billionaire and posted on her social networks.

It was also worn by Ariana Grande during one of her concerts. The flagship piece was then seen on influencers around the world as well as models.

His particuliarity ?


Marine Serre only uses end-of-cycle products for base materials, alongside high-tech fabrics. The latter to find a way to reconcile sustainable and modern fashion.

While thinking about the environment and global warming, she fights against fast-fashion by creating futuristic and unusual pieces.

50% of the silhouettes in his “Green Line” collection were recycled fabrics such as old jeans, recycled fabrics and bed sheets.

His collection inspires sportswear that clings to the body and is elastic, yet comfortable, reminiscent of his passion for sport and more specifically tennis.

Athletic styles are embellished with refined elements typically associated with tailoring, while unexpected twists break up clean silhouettes.

She is known for blurring codes and boundaries between different styles and fashion sectors. Mixing tailoring, sportswear and haute couture.

Marine Serre’s new free fashion show

Recently, the designer is preparing a new collection.

For the occasion, she is distributing free tickets so that everyone has the opportunity to see her collection and attend a fashion show.

Once again, Marine Serre breaks the codes and the ceiling of fashion by passing on a strong message: that of the mix of classes and accessibility. This fashion show will take place on June 25 at 8 p.m. in Paris.

Why this gesture?
The designer explains:

“He is important for me to experiment with the notion of parade, the priority is to find ways to connect with people and our community” indicated the designer who will present her line “in an unexpected place under the open sky” and will suggest “an after-show party until midnight”.


Who is Marine Serre?

A young French designer who launched her brand in 2017, spotted by Karl Lagerfeld.

When will her next show be?

Her next fashion show which will offer free tickets so that everyone has the opportunity to attend a fashion event. It will take place this June 25 at 8 p.m. in Paris.

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