▷ The first Gucci cocktail: Its price is staggering, but is the quality there? (2022)

The fashion house Gucci recently opened its tea room and bar in Italy, in the Florence region, in the heart of the Gucci gardens: Gucci Giordano 25. They recently launched a cocktail in the colors of the brand. But what is it really worth? Focus on this new Gucci cocktail.

The new Gucci bar

From its opening, this sign aroused curiosity and impatience among customers who waited patiently in single file to enter.

The room can only accommodate 16 people, so you have to be patient.

All the staff are dressed with the Gucci brand as a uniform.

At the head of the establishment is Martina Bonci, a woman who leads this place with an iron fist, while being completely charming.

The opening of this innovative bar received a warm welcome from the public.

The house of Gucci has once again shown its imagination with its brand new cocktail.

Refreshment was invented by Giorgio Bargiani at the Connaught Bar in London. This creation marks a new era for Gucci, which is making its debut in luxury gastronomy.

The cocktail

The mixture is based on a mixture of vermouth, petroleum and natural liqueurs reminiscent of Tuscany, embellished with a few drops of immortelle oil.

But this cocktail differs from other cocktails from the Giardino 25 house. This recipe is totally different, because it is available in a 500 ml chiseled glass bottle.

In particular, customers have the option of purchasing the bottle online from the Gucci Osteria online restaurant store. The online store, which only supplies in Italy for the moment, offers other local products such as chocolate, typical Italian biscuits and panettone.


The house being above all a luxury house with its own history, the latter must offer a design worthy of the name of Gucci.

The bottle in which the cocktail is offered is elaborate.

The bottle is made of transparent glass and cut so that it is quilted.

The powdery pink flowing cocktail tints the bottle. With a black cap and a label adorned with a pretty Gucci decoration and the inscription of the tea room.

The cocktail, called Elisir d’Elicriso, takes its name from the latter, which translates to “elicriso italiano” in Italian.

According to Gucci, the herbal libation is meant to “evoke the lush gardens of Tuscany” and is “complex, yet light and sweet on the palate.”

According to Bargiani, the drink’s creator, there are many ways to enjoy the refreshment.

In a martini-style cocktail, on the rocks, as a spritz with a champagne cork, or as a highball with tonic water.

Where can you taste the new cocktail from Gucci, the Elisir d’Elicriso?

L’Elisir d’Elicriso is now on the menu at Gucci Giardano 25, and can be purchased bottled, at the bar or online for €140.

At the moment the cocktail is only available in Italy. If you are lucky enough to be passing through Tuscany, we invite you to go and taste this delicious blend while contemplating the Gucci gardens under a beautiful Florence sun.


How much does Gucci’s new cocktail cost?

The refreshment is sold at a price of 140 euros.

Where can we taste the new Gucci cocktail?

Elicriso’s Elisir is now on the menu at Gucci Giardano 25, and can be purchased bottled, at the bar or online. At the moment the cocktail is only available in Italy.

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