▷ The 8 most expensive varieties of tea in the world (2022)

1 – Da-Hong Pao tea -1.2 million dollars/kg

This variety was declared a national treasure by the Chinese government and dates back to the Ming Dynasty.

As an invaluable asset, the process used during harvesting remains a closely guarded secret.

It is often given as a gift to dignitaries and people of great importance by the Chinese government.

2 – PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag – $15,000/bag

There are two reasons why these tea bags are so expensive.

First, they are filled with a rare variety called Imperial Silver Tips tea.

Second, the pouches are adorned with 280 diamonds, handcrafted by Boodles jewellers. These pouches were made to commemorate the 75th anniversary of PG Tips.

3 – Panda Dung – $70,000/kg

This tea is distinguished by its originality. Indeed, it is not every day that we see products made from panda excrement.

Pandas have a diet of bamboo shoots and tea leaves, the latter of which are then extracted from their droppings.

Panda Dung tea is rich in nutrients and perfect for people looking for new flavors.

4 – Vintage narcissus – 6500 dollars / kg

This is one of the rarest varieties of Oolong tea, grown on Wuyi Mountain. The leaves are approximately 60% oxidized to give them an exquisite flavor, described as chocolatey, floral and woody.

5 – Golden Yellow Tea Buds – $3000/kg

Just like Tieguanyin tea, Yellow Gold tea buds cost $3,000 per kilogram.

The reason for the high price is because the leaves are lightly sprayed with edible 24-karat gold.

They are also extremely rare because the leaves are only harvested one day a year by workers who pluck them from the plants with golden scissors.

6 – Tieguanyin Tea – 3000/kg

Tieguanyin is a type of Oolong tea named after the Iron Goddess of Mercy, a Buddhist deity.

It is a combination of black and green teas that are fermented to impart a distinctive chestnut flavor that sets Tieguanyin apart from other varieties of Oolong.

Drinkers can use the leaves to make drinks up to seven times before they begin to lose flavor. The trees are grown on the highest mountain in Fujian province.

When the leaves are harvested, they are dried, oxidized, rolled, roasted and flavored.

7 – Pu-Erh Poo Poo tea – 1000 dollars / kg

This type of tea was invented in the 18th century.

It was first given as a gift to Chinese Emperor Qianlong.

As the name suggests, this tea is made from insect droppings.

Using tweezers, workers at tea farms in Taiwan carefully remove tea leaves from the droppings of insects that have fed on the tea leaves.

8 – Gyokuro tea – 650 dollars / kg

In most cases, the leaves of the tea bushes are ground as part of the production process. However, this is not the case for Gyokuro tea.

To increase the amino acid content of the leaves and give the tea a unique aroma and mild taste, the leaves are protected from sunlight for about two weeks before harvesting.

This variety of Japanese tea is grown in the Uji district and costs $650 per kilogram.


What is the most expensive tea in the world?

The most expensive tea in the world is the Chinese Da-Hong Pao tea, sold at 1.2 million kilograms.

What tea is made from panda droppings?

Panda Dung tea, sold at 70,000 dollars per kilogram.

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