▷ The 4 best clothing resale sites (2022)

Clothing resale platforms have been successful.

Vinted, for example, the first French resale platform, has grown in more than 15 countries, including recently Canada and Portugal.

Over 300 million items are available for sale on the platform worldwide. But he’s not the only one to experience success. Here are the four best clothing resale sites.


With 45 million members in 15 countries, including more than 12 million French users, the platform of Lithuanian origin has become the reference for the resale and purchase of second-hand clothes.

The majority of brands are accepted, ranging from major public brands to luxury brands. Items are categorized by quality, price, and brand. One of Vinted’s strengths is the ability to freely price your clothes for resale.

In addition, the commission on the transaction will be borne by the buyer.


Vestiaire Collective is a site that brings together products from luxury brands only, including clothing and accessories. Unfortunately, scams can exist on these sites of this kind, to avoid them, you will need to verify the authenticity of each item by presenting an invoice.

Vestiaire Collective offers two options to sellers who wish to resell their clothes.

It is quite possible to take charge of the sale of your luxury clothing yourself. You must therefore fill out a deposit form, with a description and some photos of each item of clothing.

Each second-hand item sold will be sent to Vestiaire Collective for verification and control before being sent to the buyer.

Like other second-hand clothing sites, the platform has a concierge service that takes care of the sale directly.

A dedicated team collects the clothes from you, takes the photos, uploads them and sends them to the buyer. This service is of course chargeable, but it can facilitate the resale of your second-hand clothes.

dressing room

Dressing Room is one of the most popular used clothing websites among followers.

This platform is famous for rare and sophisticated and fashionable collectibles and second-hand items are particularly high. Designer pieces and clothing from the latest collections of mainstream brands have therefore been very popular.

The procedure for selling second-hand clothes on Vide Dressing is very strict, in order to guarantee the quality of the items offered. A team of professionals appraise all garments before they go on sale, for a small fee.

When a buyer reserves one of your items, you have 72 hours to confirm its availability. After the transaction amount and shipping costs are released, you also have an additional 72 hours to ship the item.

A reliable and secure procedure that makes Vide Dressing an online clothing resale site very popular with fashionistas who do not want to be bothered.


Once Again is one of the most popular used clothing websites.

Before proceeding with the actual sale of a few fashion pieces, you must download the Mondial Relay label provided by the site, in order to benefit from free shipping.

A simulator is then made available to you, so that you can check the eligibility of the clothes for sale on the online thrift store.

A price estimate is even provided in order to keep prices reasonable, but still beneficial to the seller.

The site does not accept private label clothing. When you sell an item, there is a three week processing time before we receive your payment.

In reality, this site buys your clothes directly, so you don’t have to hope that a potential buyer is interested in your article.

Several criteria are required in order to be able to make a sale on the platform.

The site’s policy requires a minimum of 15 items per shipment, brand name clothing less than five years old.

This platform requires more conditions than others, but the sale of eligible items is beneficial and efficient.


What is the most popular clothing resale site?

The most popular clothing resale site is Vinted, which operates in 15 countries with 45 million members.

What are the best sites for reselling and buying second-hand luxury clothes and accessories?

The best sites for reselling and buying second-hand luxury clothes and accessories are cloakroom collective, dressing Room and Once again.

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