▷ Olivier Rousteing revolutionizes fashion à la Jean Paul Gaultier (2022)

Olivier Rousteing to make a magnificent collection for Jean Paul Gaultier. The two have collaborated on occasion

The two artists have a fashion sense of their own and well defined.

Two iconic designers

Jean-Paul Gaultier is known for having revolutionized the genre, with daring and modern creations.

He notably made the famous pointed breasts that Madonna wears.

At the height of his success since the 1990s, he chained parades.

In particular, he launched his line of perfumes, including a “scandal” which was very well received by the public.

He created a show, which took place at the Folies Bergères.

The latter featured sensational costumes as well as mind-blowing music.

Olivier Routsteing, he has a lot of merit.

He is the youngest artistic director that the luxury house Balmain has known.

Originally from Ethiopia, he grew up in Bordeaux with adoptive parents.

He is fulfilled, which allows him to embark on the field that fascinates and excites him: fashion.

This environment makes him feel good, because today he is one of the youngest and most talented artistic directors in the world.

A collection that breaks all codes

Together, the two stylists came together to create a unique, out-of-the-ordinary collection.

Olivier Rousteing, who was well aware of the brittle style of Jean Paul Gaultier, decided to have fun with codes and genres, in order to shock, to innovate, to make people think.

Among the masterpieces of the collection, we find the famous corset with pointed breasts of the pop star Madonna, a feminine corset with a penis and molded busts of a pregnant woman.

We find there the class of Olivier Rousteing with the imprint of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Haute Couture Week in Paris is reserved exclusively for women.

But the young artistic director of Balmain decided otherwise.

This Wednesday, July 6, men also marched on the catwalk for the new Jean Paul Gaultier collection.

Adorned with tight-fitting jumpsuits with a striped or sailor motif, perched on strong platform soles, they caused a sensation. The public did not expect to see them here.

Jean Paul Gaultier declared: “it’s a post-me stage: I made mixtures, it’s very audacious”.

He recalled that male models were paid less than women and that it was “a shame that only there women can be paid more.

The guests

A beautiful crowd of stars was invited to watch this parade.

This was particularly the case for Kim Kardashian back in Paris after her assault.

She was accompanied this time by her daughter North, aged only 10, and her mother Kris Jenner.

Anna Wintour was of course invited, also in the front row.

Colombian singer Maluma and Camille Razat, Ashley Park and Lucien Laviscount, stars of the “Emily in Paris” series were able to attend the parade.

On the other side of the podium, Amanda Lear, Rossy de Palma and Farida Khelfa, muse of Jean Paul Gaultier.

Although the mix was very heterogeneous, all the guests highly praised the collection and approved.

Jean Paul Gaultier, patiently waits for the show to begin.

“I hadn’t seen the collection and didn’t know anything about it,” he told reporters after the show.


When did the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show by Olivier Rousteing take place?

This parade took place from Wednesday July 6, 2022 in Paris during Haute Couture week. What were the centerpieces of the show

Jean Paul Gaultier by Olivier Rousteing?

Among the masterpieces of the collection, we find the famous corset with pointed breasts of the pop star Madonna, a feminine corset with a penis and molded busts of a pregnant woman.

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