▷ Marylin Monroe’s dress destroyed by Kim Kardashian (2022)

Kim Kardashian damages Marylin Monroe’s dress

After the scandal of Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala who starved herself in order to fit into the legendary dress that Marylin Monroe wore when she sang “Happy Birthday Mister President”, a new story has taken the web by storm.

Indeed, during the Met Gala, Kim Kardashian proudly confessed that she had starved herself for several weeks only in order to fit into this dress, specially taken out of the museum where it was exhibited for her. It has been 60 years since this dress was worn and that was probably the last time this one will be worn.

Several stars were indignant at this behavior deemed shameful and dangerous, which pushed to reduce the image of the woman to her body and to endanger her health only for her appearance.

Some time after the Met gala which took place on May 2 in New York at the Met Museum, pictures of Marylin Monroe’s dress came out. This one is not in very good condition… the damage is due to the wearing of this Kim Kardashian dress which does not have the same body as Marylin Monroe had, the latter having more voluptuous shapes, the dress has been stretched and readjusted.

The $5 million dress was loaned to the Instagram star for a night out by Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Anger of Marylin Monroe’s dress conservatives

Professional curators of the time also spoke out, saying it was unseemly to wear a garment with so much history, regardless of the reason or the person.

“I’m frustrated because it’s rolling back what is considered professional treatment for a historical costume,” one curator told the LA Times.

A collector of the dress has shared snaps of the damaged dress to express their displeasure.

The pictures show that it seems to show tensions on the fabric and missing crystals.

“Without a doubt, the damage is significant,” the Scott Fortner Marilyn Monroe Collection wrote on its networks on Monday.

The new photos and videos of the dress were taken by Creative Director Chad Michael Christian Morrisette, who previously helped archive the dress, at Ripley’s Hollywood, where the dress is currently kept.

The latter expressed his dismay through his social networks: “This dress is a piece of my life and my heart. Seeing what @kimkardashian did to damage it breaks my heart,” adding the hashtags #nationaltreasure, #howdareyou, #ego, #greed and #thief.

Conservatives are angry with both the star and the people who saw fit to loan him out for the Met Gala night.

But Ripley fired back defending herself:

“The dress was never worn by Kim alone. She was still with a representative from Ripley. We always made sure that whenever we felt the dress was in danger of tearing or we felt uncomfortable about anything, we always had the option to say we weren’t ok. not continue with this,” Joiner said in a statement to The Daily Beast.


Where is Marylin Monroe’s dress kept now?

It is kept at Ripley’s Hollywood, where it is being renovated.

Anyone else be wearing Marylin Monroe’s dress?

Probably not. Kim Kardashian’s wearing of the dress at the Met Gala caused severe damage to the dress which lost crystals and was stretched.

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