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What is Liqueur St Germain

A sweet elderflower flavored liqueur that has become a staple ingredient overnight, St. Germain is a classic used in many cocktails.

Elder flowers are hand picked in spring for a period of 4 to 6 weeks in the French Alps. This short harvest window allows the production of a St. Germain reserve for several years.

The 50 or so pickers often transport the flowers by bicycle to the picking stations.

As soon as the flowers arrive at the collection station, they are immediately macerated using a “secret” family technique, which would give them the best flavor, without being too bitter, too sweet or as inconsistent as other methods, such as freeze-drying or pressing flowers.

These are then infused into brandy, although this part of the process is not well detailed by the company. The brandy is then slightly sweetened, but it is said to contain less sugar than a typical liqueur. The liqueur is then bottled in beautiful French-inspired bottles

As St. Germain is made without any preservatives, it is recommended to use the bottle within 6 months of opening. But, I’m sure once you’ve tasted St. Germain you’ll have no problem finishing the bottle long before it “expires”.

Saint Germain

The history of St Germain

Cooper Spirits International has also revived Crème Yvette, a purple liqueur that has been lost for many decades.

St. Germain was created by Cooper Spirits International. It was first produced in 2007 and received critical acclaim. In fact, St. Germain was named “Best in Show” at the San Francisco Spirits Championship in 2007 and won the double gold medal in 2008.

St. Germain is the most popular elderflower liqueur ever produced. Again, this is probably due to the difficulty of extracting the aroma of elderflower, a process that the people of St Germain have certainly mastered.

Saint-Germain has its place in all modern bars.

How much does a bottle of St Germain cost?

You will find the liqueur at an average price of 30 € in France. You can buy it on Amazon for example. We remind you that this is alcohol, so it is compulsory to be of legal age to buy a bottle of St Germain.

St Germain, Elderflower liqueur, 70cl, 20%.  French and traditional production method for a sublime taste

St Germain, Elderflower liqueur, 70cl, 20%. French and traditional production method for a sublime taste

  • The St-Germain liqueur is a creation of the American distiller Robert Cooper. Made in France. Present from start to finish, the elderflower does not only play the leading roles, it highlights a whole host of aromas and flavors which provide a lot of contrasts to this bewitching liquor.
  • St-Germain is an artisanal French liqueur made from fresh elder flowers harvested once a year in late spring.
  • The flowers are hand picked at the peak of their flavor and aroma and we only use fresh flowers; we neither freeze nor dry our flowers, which explains the exceptional taste of St-Germain. With a distinctive and delicate aromatic quality but also a light, refreshing and balanced sweetness that makes St-Germain an incredible cocktail ingredient
  • Nose: Intense and aromatic with notes of citrus, white peach with a remarkable floral tone. The palate: Full and fruity with notes of grapefruit, pear and tropical fruit with a hint of honeysuckle. Overall: Long, persistent and refreshing
  • The Cocktail St-Germain is also perfect for many occasions: brunches, garden parties and all your cocktails of the day. The ST-Germain Spritz consists of: 4cl of St-Germain; 6cl of Prosecco; 6cl Sparkling water. In a St-Germain glass (or a longdrink glass): fill with gacons, refresh and empty any excess water. Pour in the ingredients, mix gently and add a lemon zest

Recipe with St Germain liqueur

The apple is a natural accord with the sweetness of St-Germain. For a super refreshing spring drink, you can also add a vodka tip, of white rum.

Instructions :

  • Pour 3cl of St-Germain into a wine glass or champagne flute.
  • Add 12cl of pure apple juice. (If you are looking for a stronger drink, add 3cl of any clear vodka to bring out the elderflower flavor; white rum for a little more body; gin to add something interesting and flavorful. ‘herbaceous).
  • Complete with schweppes tonic or Club Soda and garnish with an apple slice.

St Germain liqueur recipe

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