▷ How to preserve your luxury watch? (2022)

A luxury watch is a long-term investment. You can get one for fun or for the fact that some increase in value over time.

Not only is it a pure symbol of classic engineering, with a rich and interesting history, but there are also personal stories associated with these watches.

If properly cared for, a watch can be passed down from generation to generation.

It is not difficult to take care of a watch, but you will need rigor and delicacy to keep it in good condition over time because an object of such great value requires maintenance. .

1 – Clean the watch as often as possible

A soft cloth is suitable for gently wiping the watch as well as the strap and case to remove any dirt or dust. Then soak the watch in soap and water every two months to loosen the dirt.

2 – Maintenance must be regular

In order to preserve your watch, it would be ideal to have it serviced every three years in order to avoid all sorts of rust problems.

3 – Avoid magnets

This advice may seem strange but magnets contribute to the malfunction of timekeeping in watches. Avoid all contact with them.

4 – Water resistance

Some watch wearers are unaware of the limitations of their watch and take it too far.

If your watch is water resistant to 50 meters, it’s not a good idea to take it snorkeling. If your watch can’t handle the depths, the rapid change in pressure may prove too much for your watch to handle.

If it is not waterproof, it can still withstand small splashes of water, but it is better to avoid it.

If you choose a watch with a leather strap, it is not wise to let it come into contact with water, otherwise it will be damaged.

5 – Take care of the crystal

Although obvious to some, it is always good to remember that the crystal of a watch is precious.

Take all possible precautions to avoid knocking the glass of your watch against a wall or any other object that could cause scratches.

6 – Do not lose your watch box

When you are not wearing your watch, it is best to keep it in its original box. By laying the watch on its side or on the crystal, there is always the possibility of the watch being scratched.

The case is designed to preserve the watch with soft materials that will not damage or scratch it and protect it from any shocks.

7- Preserve your watch from the sun

Sunlight can cause the colors of your watch to fade.

Additionally, heat can reduce battery life. It is therefore best to avoid placing your watch in direct sunlight.

8 – Keep your watch away from all chemicals

Cleaning products, oils, colognes and perfumes can appear harmful to your watch.

Perfume, in particular, can damage leather straps, weakening them and potentially tearing them.

When spraying perfume or cologne, let it dry completely before placing the watch on your wrist.

It’s best not to wear it all the time and put it on last when getting ready to avoid scratches.

When cleaning your watch, do not use strong cleaners. The simpler the better. Check out our jewelry cleaning guide to help.


Is perfume harmful to watches?

Yes, like all chemicals. If you wear perfume, wait for it to dry well before putting on your watch so as not to damage the bracelet.

Are all watches waterproof?

No, especially if they have a leather strap. However, it is not recommended to bring your waterproof watch while diving or in water at too great a depth.

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