▷ Fenty Beauty perfume: Rihanna launches her new perfume (2021)

Since August 10, fans can smell as sexy as Rihanna. The 33-year-old singer continues to expand her beauty empire, announcing her debut fragrance Fenty after teasing on social media.

The spicy and sweet fragrance is inspired by the places Rihanna has traveled throughout her life, from her hometown of Bridgetown, Barbados, to Paris and New York, and will be available for $ 120 exclusively on

“It’s the thing I love the most,” she shared in a statement.

“It’s an experience, it’s a memory, encapsulated in a perfume. Just one smell, and you’ll never forget it. ”

Eau de Fenty, her first fragrance

Rihanna, who is known for wearing Kilian’s expensive Love, Don’t Be Shy ($ 240), created her own scent with sultry notes of magnolia, musk, tangerine and blueberry and hints of absolute from Bulgarian rose, geranium and patchouli.

What about the amber bottle? “I wanted a rich color that really represents all genres from all walks of life,” Rihanna said.

“Brown is my favorite color. Brown is what I am, what I came from. If I want to create a fragrance that represents me, even the body language of the bottle has to match that color. So I wanted something brown, but also transparent – so that you could see the liquid and the scent that you are about to discover. ”

She teamed up with LVMH master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud to create the fragrance in France; the master of perfumes called Rihanna a “genius” and said that working alongside her was “the best adventure” of her career.

“I was expecting a star and I met a woman,” Belletrud said at a press conference.

“I put Rihanna in the bottle. And that was my goal… it became obvious that the scent had to be, for me, very sensual. When you see her, when you meet her, you are automatically in awe of her. ”

With Fenty, Rihanna has made it her mission to create products that uphold inclusiveness. Her beauty brand offers 50 different foundation shades to suit a wide range of skin types, while her billion-dollar Savage X Fenty lingerie line offers styles to suit both women’s and women’s sizes. men.

It is said that Fenty Hair will be the superstar’s next beauty project.

Already a great success

Fenty’s water broke in just a few hours. The international star announced it on Instagram, she didn’t have time to wake up as all the stock was already gone. She celebrated it with caviar (just that) by sharing her excitement with her fans.

Fortunately, the elixir will be back on the official store soon.

Eau de Fenty perfume in 75cl format is available on


Forbes estimated Rihanna’s wealth at over $ 1.4 billion and came mainly from her 50% stake in Fenty Beauty, which Rihanna launched in September 2017 and received much praise. Since launching her makeup brand, Rihanna has subsequently expanded to Fenty Skin and now fragrances. The rest, you know it, it will be Fenty Hair.

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