▷ Bottega launches a completely new concept in fashion history (2022)

The new Bottega concept

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Fashion is a growing industry that is changing at breakneck speed. The more time passes, the more the archives of creators increase in value and become invaluable.

Many luxury houses have undertaken the resale of vintage items. This is the case of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Valentino or Gucci Vault. The Italian house Bottega Veneta is now embarking on the resale of archives.

The brand has launched a new section on its “Bottega Series” website, which is dedicated to selling items from previous collections.

Bottega is aware that its pieces have traveled the world, coveted by so many fans of fashion and luxury ready-to-wear, and taken up by many brands around the world.

This is particularly the case of the Cabat (3,900 euros) and Banana (3,800 euros) bag models designed with leather knots. They are on sale in three different colors and updated every month on the site.

Each month, the brand will release a series of archival models straight from its inventory.

This is a unique opportunity for fans of the brand who have not had the chance to obtain the item of their choice.

Indeed, unlike other luxury houses that renovate the vintage pieces of their customers who no longer want them and put them on sale, Bottega offers new pieces that come directly from the stock of the house.

It is obvious that the brand also takes advantage of this to sell its unsold products. All this at the same price as the original parts, which is a rather rare selling technique in the fashion industry.

But the house is confident.

Last year, the house had invented the “Bottega Green”.

This flamboyant green color was the most popular color of the year and inspired architects in particular who covered their creation with this unforgettable and timeless green, both elegant and avant-garde.

The ecological aspect of the project

This project was unveiled at the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen by CEO Leo Rongone.

The latter also announced that the Italian fashion house will not only give archival bags a second life, but will also consider possible repairs and launch an internal application aimed at training staff on sustainability issues.

Leo Rongone said:

“The Bottega Series philosophy challenges the very concept of season: timeless pieces don’t need to adhere to a seasonal calendar. On the contrary, we focus on creating unique and extraordinary objects that will last forever. We want to showcase the exceptional craftsmanship and materials that went into making these pieces and offer insight into how braiding has been used in so many ways across different collections.”

This progress is major for the fashion industry which pollutes enormously due to FAST-fashion and to the export and import of materials, labor and internet orders.


What vintage pieces will be sold at Bottega?

The items sold will include bags and each month, new items will be released.

When will the Bottega Series collection be available?

The Bottega Series collection is available now on the official Bottega website.

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