▷ Blenciaga opens a haute couture boutique (2022)

The French fashion house created in 1937 recently decided to open a boutique for haute couture creations.

This store is located at 10 avenue Georges V, in Paris, in the 8ᵉ arrondissement.

This address was not chosen by chance by the house, because it is the first store of the brand that has never been opened.

The new Balenciaga concept

It is on the occasion of the presentation of Balenciaga’s 51st Couture collection that the house will open its new boutique.

The event will take place on July 6, 2022, two days from now.

This event is of capital importance for Balenciaga, which has not created haute couture pieces for 53 years.

The brand’s founder, Cristóbal Balenciaga, had created this concept, but then ended it.

But Demna Gvasalia, the current artistic director of the brand, took over this concept in order to renovate it and restore freshness to the brand.

Why relaunch haute couture?

The launch of this practice is explained by the CEO of Balenciaga as an opportunity to expand fashion to new horizons. The Kering group brand intends to create “a gateway to haute couture, which remains a very closed universe, especially for new generations “.

He also explains why he revived this project:

“Haute couture is the origin of Balenciaga. As a brand, that’s where it all started. When I understood that Demna had given Balenciaga the place that this house deserves, thanks to our first couture show, I immediately felt that this was a unique opportunity. Not to rewrite the past, but to reinvent the history of haute couture at Balenciaga”

But this project is also due to the strong demand from customers who wanted more from the brand:

“Many of our customers have expressed a need for haute couture since Demna’s first collection. We believe there is great potential and are seeing interest from those patronizing other classic fashion houses. We have also noticed that haute couture attracts both men and women. We think it’s an opportunity to tell a story, to offer ideas and know-how made in France to our customers. It’s a space where you can find the best of the best in service, rare unique products, for high net worth individuals – people who have no price constraints. It is a historic address like no other”.

The shop

For the occasion, the original store on avenue Georges V has been completely renovated and remodeled according to the desires of the house.

The shop will be large and spacious and the relations will be spread over 250 square meters.

The store will not be like the others in the house, this one will offer “exclusive creations of clothing, accessories and exceptional objects ranging from craftsmanship to high technology”.

The creations will be in limited edition in order to add this feeling of rarity.

Customers will have the opportunity to customize their purchases to their tastes so that they are unique in the world.

There is also a big difference between ready-to-wear boutiques and haute couture boutiques.

The ready-to-wear pieces are made by machine, while the haute couture pieces will be entirely sewn and made by hand.

This is what the CEO of the house assures.

The brand’s teams explained that this store was far from ordinary:

Boutique Haute Couture goes beyond the dressing room. A gesture to share Balenciaga’s know-how and welcome customers who wish to benefit from rare and unique products within a historic Parisian address”.


When will Balenciaga’s new haute couture boutique open?

The latter will open on July 6, on the occasion of the 51ᵉ Couture collection of the house.

Where is Balenciaga’s new haute couture boutique located?

Balenciaga’s new haute couture boutique is located at 10 Avenue Georges V in the 8ᵉ arrondissement of Paris.

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