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Want to rock photo captions with a Tumblr friend? We’ve brought you the best Tumblr subtitles just for you! Check it out below.

Photo Captions With Friend Tumblr

One day we’ll come to our senses, but who said it needs to be today?

She is the best friend I could have.

They are rare, but there are still people who are really worth it.

Because of you, I am able to do what no one has ever had the courage to do for me.

Our partnership is strong, friendship is crazy and friendship is eternal.

Real friendship is for anytime, anytime.

Unmistakable, inseparable and irreplaceable.

There are people who are angels in our life, well to protect, care, understand and make you smile at the most unexpected times.

It’s hard to put up with you every day, but I know it would be even harder if I didn’t have you.

I’ve seen cockroach, mosquito, rat, flea, ant… but you are definitely the coolest pests I’ve ever met.

With us whoever you want, but against us only if you can.

We even have control of the situation, the problem is that there is a lack of battery.

In my life forever and ever.

If one day the world turns against you, then it will be you and me against the world.

For me, for you and for us. Forever!

She is light in my life, light that brings me peace.

A partner friend doesn’t have to be single, but she has to be a partner.

Real friendship is not bought, it is built.

Partnership is for anytime, anywhere.

I trust her with my eyes closed.

When no one else wanted to hear my voice, you were with me.

We are best friends, in health and illness, in joy and in sadness, and nothing in this world can separate us.

No distance can separate what was built with true friendship.

You are the best part of me, I am grateful to have you here.

Of all, it is certainly the craziest.

God made us friends, simply because no mother would be able to put up with us like sisters.

Wherever I go, I’ll take you forever.

Friendships double the joys and share the sorrows.

You’re crazy, but I kill and die for you.

I love more than chocolate.

I love more than coxinha.

I love it more than Coca-Cola.

I love more than açaí.

Every blonde has her brunette.

Every brunette has her blonde.

The redhead that completes me.

Friendship better than ours I doubt exists.

She is my little box of secrets.

Nothing can change our friendship.

I don’t trade you for anything.

A friendship story based on true facts.

Our friendship is serious, but we are not.

The truest friendship.

God forbid I be without you.

Soothing love is soul love.

It’s too much love, too much complicity.

Surround yourself with people who are in the same vibration as you.

With you I go anywhere.

No matter what, on good or bad days, our friendship is forever.

What matters is not what you have in life, but who you have in life.

Connection that has no explanation, friendship that has no translation.

Between slaps and kisses.

She does me so well!

Partnership that has no limits or explanation.

We love each other, but we also intrigue.

Our friendship has no explanation, we just feel.

We live together so many stories, it’s you and me on the same path.

You are everything and a little more baby.

You don’t even have the size of a person, but it makes me feel good without a size.

This tune I’ve never seen the same.

You are much more than a friend, you are an angel in my life.

Friendship doubles happiness and divides hurts.

I don’t exchange anything for our friendship.

The best friend anyone could have.

With her I have the best conversations.

You will live forever in my heart.

She’s my half, but it’s not orange, it’s half my lemon.

I’m with you until after the end.

She is the one who understands me just in a glance.

Not only do you know my follies, but they live with me.

My friends are my life.

Friend partner, friend of faith, she is the one who makes me stand up.

My partner, there is no cheating here, nor is there a scam.

Translation of the word BEST.

Everything we live together I will keep forever.

Moments with you certainly deserve encore.

You will never be alone because I’m with you until the end.

I only value who cares, who really closes with me.

May the sky fall, I’ll stand by your side.

Who said a sister must have a blood tie? We have a bond of love.

For all the secrets, for all the laughs, for all the moments, for all the memories.

There are friendships that last for the blink of an eye, while others last until you blink for the last time.

Do you know the secret of a true friendship? She steals a smile from you, but always returns two.

Our connection has nothing to explain, fine tuning.

Each role, a new story to tell.

It’s not yesterday or today, it’s forever and ever.

Here’s what she does at the funk ball with her friends.

I take care, I love to take care, there are chances that life doesn’t give you twice and she is one of those.

The best of my life forever.

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