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▷ 70 Best Tumblr Self Love Phrases ❤ –

If you want to find the best Tumblr self love phrases, check out the selection we’ve brought you right below. One more amazing than the other!

70 self love phrases tumblr

Where you can’t really love, don’t waste your time.

Of all the loves in the world, his own.

Always choose what makes your heart flutter, but always remember that self-respect must be the absolute criterion.

Remember that the beauty of the flower on the side does not negate its own beauty. You and beautiful!

Fall in love with yourself and live the most beautiful love story.

Fluffy is a pillow, baby, I’m wonderful!

Never shrink yourself to fit into someone else’s world.

Once you’ve navigated the depths of self-love, you’ll never want to sink back into shallow feelings again.

Having self-love is not selfishness, it’s a matter of necessity.

Learn that all love in this world can end, except your own.

It’s a pleasure to be yourself.

You can only be amazing to someone once you can see how amazing you are.

I found out that I’m my own house, from now on I don’t live for rent in anyone’s heart.

Always trust your heart, it is your guide.

I’m in love. And it’s for myself!

Before you can love another person, you have to love yourself. When that person’s love is gone, then your own love will sustain you.

Self love is filling your voids without needing anyone.

Cultivate yourself every day, fall in love with your inner garden.

Find your resting place in yourself.

There is a unique beauty in being who you are.

Only belong to places that make you feel free.

The secret of life is to cultivate.

Peace, happiness and self-love. The rest is the rest.

Everything I need is inside of me. Once I found out, I don’t let anyone else disturb my life.

Free yourself, girl, because the world is yours, and that nobody takes away.

Protect your peace, the rest doesn’t matter.

Happiness is not having something or someone, it is being with or without something or someone.

Having self love helped me to realize that I don’t need anyone else in this life but myself.

Let your light shine, discover the true love within you.

I may not even be perfect, but I’m sure my imperfections make me unique.

Love someone you admire, start with yourself!

Be your own light at the end of the tunnel.

Learn that if someone doesn’t look for you, it’s because they don’t miss you.

Your inner world is your best shelter.

Be grateful for your scars, they made you who you are. But, don’t accept that no one else hurts you. Learn to choose only what you deserve.

Be your own standard of beauty and love yourself the way you are.

Don’t change what makes you unique, don’t change what makes you rare, for nothing or anyone.

Before loving your neighbor, learn to love yourself.

If a person is happy without you, then you must learn to be happy without that person.

What people think about you doesn’t change what you are.

Beautiful is to have a beautiful soul.

Really love yourself and you won’t need to find another true love.

Much better than finding a heart to live in, is discovering the best house in your own heart.

Care about yourself first, only then can someone care about you.

Loneliness cannot be treated with the love of others, the cure is in your self-love.

Man has two faces: he cannot love others if he does not love himself.

I have my limits and the first one is my self-love.

Of a thousand loves, the very one.

Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong love.

People who don’t learn to love themselves are constantly dissatisfied, seeking the approval of others.

I may not be perfect, but it’s my imperfections that made me who I am.

My closure is my self-love.

Be your own safe haven, your only stronghold.

I decided to just live, not please.

I learned to put everything that hurts me out of my life, some people call it selfishness, but I call it self-love.

You need to be whole with yourself first, and then want to be half of someone else.

Valued because it’s free.

Having self love is good.

One day I decided to be me and I don’t intend to go back.

Be true to your self-love.

While some waste time looking for love, others prefer to cultivate their own love and I’m sure the second alternative is ideal.

Loving is good, but loving yourself is wonderful!

Some people think I’m cocky, but it’s not pride, it’s just self-love. I don’t care about them either.

One day I decided to love myself and my life was changed forever. Now I no longer depend on anyone’s love.

Love yourself enough to decide when something isn’t worth it.

Only your self-love will truly save you from loneliness.

I looked in the mirror and saw the most beautiful proof of love there is, I’m in love with myself.

May you never lack love for yourself.

I belong to myself.

I am insisting on love, especially on my own.

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